The sul’thraze server is empty, auction house does not exist on the server, it is impossible to search for a group for dugeon

Who plays on Server Sul’Thraze is having difficulty finding group to do Dungeon, Action House practically does not exist on the server. There is no worse experience of playing MMORPG alone with low population. Please bundle Sul’Thraze with some other server, such as Latin America that was created with Sul’Thraze, or release a free transfer to other servers. Please find a solution for the Sul’Thraze Blizzard server, the server is practically empty.

They were too late with the Latin servers. It’s B’s fault.

Sul’Thraze is one of the Latin/Brazillian servers right?
If they opened up Xfers from ALL servers with the post saying “THIS SERVER IS IN CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERiCA” you might see a bunch of the central/south americans who rolled on NA servers xfer over.

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I thought they did that last week?

When I xferred last week it just said “There are free server xfers up”, I had a choice between Earthfury(EST), Arcanite Reaper(PST) and the two Latin/SA server.

It only tells you where those servers are located when you actually go to the server choice part. ie: I xferred from an EST server to Arcanite Reaper and it popped up a warning that said “This is a PST server” it didn’t do that when I checked Earthfury.

I swear I saw a forum post saying they were doing this though.

There’s a little blurb at the very bottom of the post that says something like “This is in addition to the free Xfers to the Latin/BR servers”

I wonder if they posted this on the Latin/BR WoW forums with more details?

Reroll on Faerlina. The queue times are not as bad as they were on launch, and it’s an amazing server. It’s hands down the best server, if you would like to interact with other people, and have access to a thriving community.

Of course, people have reasons to play other lesser populated servers, and I am sure they are valid. Faerlina has community events, such as the USD $50K prize pool Classic Duellers League (I don’t believe any other server comes close to this level of “good things” that would make it even in a comparable league).

reroll is not that easy, its a lot of commitment

So what? Commit to a dead server then.

I don’t understand this comment.

This is a game.

You want to play with other players but your server is dead.

To what exactly, would you be “committing” if you reroll?

im not talking about me, i was talking about that comment saying “reroll on faerlina”

OP probably dont want that, he is suggesting some fix that could solve the server problem as a whole