The Storm Kings Vengeance

See normally when your doing this quest and your in the Giant and you pick up the Storm Clouds they heal you, Well Right now, When I pick them up there acting the same as the Zombies and you can only throw them, Its not letting me heal the Giant, Also Thrym keeps Reseting you have to Kite him and I keep getting stuck in open areas, like the pathing is Screwed up, Not near a Tree, Not near a Wall, Not Near a Bridge, in a Open Area and hit like a Invisible wall, Please Fix this!


I have Watched Videos on this quest, and Its not doing what it is Supposed too, I also have been playing actively since the Beginning, This is a Issue you had Fixed a long time ago too,. Please Fix this!

yes its bugged the storm clouds do nothing if you pick them up. But you can still do the quest, i’d join a group for it though as it can be tough to complete the 2nd and 3rd boss right after eachother. Just another bugged quest that blizz failed to complete in time of rushed wotlk.

It’s almost impossible to do this quest right now. Please fix it :slight_smile:

this quest is aids without being able to heal with storm clouds

Confirm, the storm clouds doesn’t heal make this Q impossible

We’ve deployed a hotfix for this.

Storm Clouds should no longer fail to buff Gymer when grabbed on “Storm King’s Vengeance”.