The Store Mount is 100% speed even at 40

The new Phase Hunter mount included in the deluxe edition will grant 100% speed from lvl 40, being the only mount over 60% before lvl 60, additionally you won’t need to spend 600g in the riding skill to use it.

Updated Info: The information above is outdated, the mount will scale to your current riding skill level speed.


Where do you see this just curious? Lots of stuff popping up right now

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Where did you get this info? Will it be available on all characters or only on 1?


Citation Needed

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His dad works at Blizzard.


Check from minute 4:00

I mean, outrageous claim. Give me some outrageous evidence.

Also streamers on twitch are sharing info and commentating on it at the moment, but sadly I have no videos.

eeeh using Mr.Gm as a source for this makes me question the information all togeather its a clout chaser he will say things just to get clicks and im pretty sure this is one to make some controversy and fire up his comment section for the interactions. I highly doubt (tho i will admit theres a def possibility to be true! dont get me wrong) but i think this is jumping the gun on

as we all know nothings set in stone and can be changed at any moment they may have it set to 100% speed on the initial file log, but that cna be updated any time before release and includeing after its already out

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It sounds so dumb, its probably true



Video uploaded April 28th.

Got anything that isn’t datamined speculation?


Everything they datamined so far has been accurate lol


Ok now hear me out here, what if it’s both and changes speed depending on your skill… is this not an option? Because I feel like that makes more sense to me.


Well absolutely all the datamined facts from the beta have been correct, it would be improbable that this would be the only exemption.

There is a 0% chance you will be able to get a 100% mount at level 40, just stop with this nonsense.


That’s not how probability works. It’s plausible that what was data mined is correct.

Not a video, a wowhead link, please. So, I can read, for myself the same page the video uploader cleverly did NOT provide. Neither did its video source.

There was a 0% chance of a store mount, boosts, paid character services, etc. Yet we’ll have all of them in TBC.


Hmm, idc if true, but sounds like an oversight tbh.

There was NEVER a 0% chance, you only thought there was.

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