[The Speela] recruiting all players

Hello everyone! I am Shydagger and I run a guild here called . We’re a day 1 guild that has a solid core of people that are all leveling to 60 together. We have members of all level ranges. I want to get a group of friends together, so we can all level up and have fun together. Focusing on getting to 60 and doing all of the rare and obscure dungeons.

We want to raid at 60 and do premade Battlegrounds. But we are not in a massive rush. The content will be out forever, so we want to have fun doing it. Friendship is the most important part of MMO’s, not how much you can min/max every little part of the game. We have a great community and if you want to be a part of all the pvp and questing we do, please join us!

Also im looking for a few officers to help me lead and organize the guild! Let me know!

send a tell to shydagger ingame or messgae me on discord @ shydagger#1799


Tried to message you on discord but the ID didn’t work. Going to try in game but you should update that

+rep shydaggers a good GM