The Skyhunt, missing Venthyr assault quest

I don’t like to cry bug on things that could just be extreme RNG but this one quest has not rotated in in nearly 8 months now (15 cycles of the Venthyr assault) that I have witnessed and according to Wowhead comments possibly even longer.

It goes in the Night Fae visitor slot which only has 3 options and it has been one of the other two options (They Grow Up So Quickly or That’s a Good Trick) every single time, resulting in anybody who hadn’t gotten Taking the Tremaculum achievement done prior to 2022, being unable to finish it.

Just asking you to check whether perhaps some change for 9.2 might have lined up two rotating things such that this quest can never spawn? Or something along those lines.

As I said it could of course just be bad luck. But it’s down around a 1/1000 chance of happening by chance now so I think a check is in order as we get to the Limited Time Remaining phase of the expansion.


Your post expertly summarizes the same experience I’ve been having. The achievement “Taking the Tremaculum” has been impossible to complete since 2021, as this quest as literally never spawned a single time the entire year.

Even if it’s just incredibly unlucky RNG, I would love some kind of confirmation that this quest still exists and has the potential to spawn.

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I think anyone still chasing these achievements is finding themselves in the same boat.
I too have been checking every single rotation for this quest and it has indeed been as long as the comments on Wowhead suggest. Hopefully it gets looked at soon before the expansion ends. :crossed_fingers:

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Not up this time either. We’re fast running out of expansion.

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It’s finally up, thankfully due to an uptick in people reporting it!
Thanks for being one of the people to bring this to the forums, Minidecay!

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I got my reward last night with a finally fully completed Quests/Shadowlands achievement section /lol

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Once again it hasn’t been up for at least 2 months. Shouldn’t it be like a 1/3 chance?