The Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live

I’m not sure where your information is coming from Kalli, but a full expedient destro lock is not broken. It is very op to play if you know how to play it.

Well, looks like i was completely wrong here, so have removed my dumb post :rofl:

That is incorrect information.

What about the reputation requirements removal for the allied races? You said it would be on the prepatch, is it coming or not?

The pre-patch is next week!! Thank Yogg!! Cause as Garrosh said,

Wait why am i being pinged if you are replying to someone else

The drop rates of the mythic raid boss mounts won’t be reduced until Shadowlands so there’s still time to collect them. :smile:

Feel free to refer to the Time Runs Short article for all the details of what’s going away and what’s going to be more difficult to obtain in the pre-expansion patch and Shadowlands.

Edited to align with the Time Runs Short article.


Yea that’s not true, it just doesn’t feel good to know the shoe fits.

That’s fantastic news! We can get our whole guild the Mythic N’Zoth mount! Thank you!

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this is an Urak-hai marked with the white hand of Saromon


Excuse me blizz, where are the troll beards?

And the mount for Nzoth heroic too?

well said and kudos

Edit: According to the Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth article, this is going away with Shadowlands launch, but Ahead of the Curve will be gone with the pre-patch.

I mean … good luck without corruption.

Also scaling traditionally has not been implemented particularly well when it comes to raids. Sometimes taking months to fix.

So unless something is broken, a bunch of 60s clearing Mythic Ny’alotha seems unlikely.

We will see though. Not sure if anyone has bothered trying this on PTR just to check in on it.


In some fantasy games/worlds orcs are just another flavour of elf!

But lol on the chat box

That’s wrong, it’s listed as not being removed with prepatch.

This is the worst hot take about this expansion I’ve heard so far, can you refund me the braincells you cost me for having to read it?


Give me back the gold I wasted then.

I really wish they did a pre-ending patch like this tbh, its a shame that corruptions are actually cool but far too restrictive to be anything but an annoyance :c

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