The Servers Aren't Stressed Enough

Got in for about an hour tonight. Was ok at first, no real lag but way too many people in one area (Elwynn Forest) and WAY too slow on mob respawns. You would think after 15 years and something like 8 launches (including the original launch in 2004) they would learn to increase the spawn rates in newbie areas when they know they are going to have hundreds of people loitering around trying to kill one or two mobs (and no classic isn’t like retail now where everyone gets credit, only the first to tag, and their group does).

Then they decided to go from 15 servers (I started on 15) and move to just 2 to increase the stress. I agree that is the point of the stress test and it achieved it’s goal. LAG was very abundant. Mostly NPC lag when selling and mob when looting. I sat there for 2 minutes at a time waiting for the lag trying to loot one mob. The NPC’s were even worse when selling loot.

So I got tired of sitting around watching my character “attempt” to loot mobs and went to see what the streamers were doing. I’m guessing they were allowed to log into their regular beta servers or maybe shutting the stress testers out of the beta servers was intentional because it was interfering with the free advertising the streamers were providing to Blizzard.

Even after the stress test did it’s intended job of jamming the servers up so you couldn’t play they still refused to release more of the beta servers to test on, because you know you can’t mess with the marketing department and their favorite streamers.

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You don’t get it do you? The streamers aren’t even testing…all they are doing is running the same dungeons over and over again to get gear and such. That’s not testing even a quarter of the content…plus it’s on PVP servers (the PVE servers are basically empty).

They aren’t empty, they’re not even online and haven’t been since the first 20 minutes of the stress test because there wasn’t enough stress.

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Hey guys, I make DejaCharacterStats and usually get an invite late alpha, never been in closed beta, but betas are usually out 3 - 4 months before expac launch.

My assumption is that a key part of Classic’s account system is that it requires a sub to retail. They were pretty vague about it in their initial announcement. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a beta flag waiting if I subbed but I can’t afford to sub just to see, let alone for two days work on my addons.

So the takeaway is that I don’t think there is anything they can do; it appears they can’t invite you to beta, let alone the stress test, unless you are subbed.


They need to let more people in the Beta. Not just Streamers and their buddies. Lets be real here. 90% of the streamers arent even looking for bugs etc or reporting much. They are just playing the game and making money for doing it. I say this because if any big bugs are left over on launch day, Blizzard will have a bunch of angry people. And thats not something they cant afford having right now. This launch has to be nearly perfect in execution to be their Hail Mary.


Well send me an invite and I’ll log in…

Guys, also consider that their intent may be that this is a pre-stress test that they will ramp up at a later date with a full no sub required public open stress test.

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Me too :), ten chars

How many subs does WoW currently have anyways? I’d certainly reactivate my account for the beta, but not for a 2-day stress test.


How do you propose one tests something aside from… doing it?

You know most of the data Blizzard collects from the beta is done automatically, yes? You also realize there’s more than just streamers on the beta, yes?

Edit: Oh, 2 posts. I fell for the bait. My bad.

That’s the biggest complaint I’ve been seeing amoung streamers, Nixxiom said himself they need to let more people in, buying this lottery ticket just for the chance is such an Activision scam, I’m not going to waste money unless I get a guaranteed invite like I did with all the other expansions, get the invite first and then resub.


It may take each of us a couple days to reach level 8 or 10 when this thing goes live. You know, an hour here, an hour there till we get the kills and xp we need. Once the population spreads out, things will play as normal. If the startup is too irritating or stressful now, Classic is going to be a long haul for you. We likely won’t see this kind of competition for mobs again - but life in Azeroth has plenty of other obstacles. Most of us here will enjoy it I think - but clearly some people just want to run past all the good stuff.

“…limit it to only subs”
BFA’s low sub count?

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I’m subbed and I don’t own BFA. I don’t play retail at all anymore.

cant do jack squat, its like logging in and going afk. respawns are non existent, you see like 50 people in the same zone running around doing nothing. this isnt fun, im excited for this but the opportunity to level is just not there.

I’m subbed and I stopped at 111. 111 was an accident even, I meant to turn off XP whilst I finished off Legion stuff but I burned out anyway. Now I log in just to do Firelands for mounts and other such collector things. Don’t play BfA at all.

As we are winding down at this point, I’ll lock this thread and point people over to the feedback thread if you’ve had a chance to login. Thanks to everybody who participated! Feedback - Stress Test - #310 by Bornakk