The Servers Aren't Stressed Enough


Log in or they are going to shut down the servers. Just got an in game message.


If they want to stress the servers maybe don’t limit it to only subs…


They could always allow non-subs in - I’m sure that would stress the servers enough :rofl:


I’m not sure why they thought limiting the server to current subs only would even stress them. Retail and Classic don’t even have the same audience, and I’m not using a token just to play a 3 day demo.


And they shut down the RP realm :frowning:

(Revannia) #6

lmao I couldn’t even pick up the 1st quest so hopefully they’re fixing that :slight_smile:


Well, now I am totally stressed. Mission Complete.

(Pintero) #8

Because are to happy about Vanilla, so no stress.

(Ristra) #9

These servers are like onions. Too many layers.


This, stop being jicky like typical activision jankyness and let everyone in… YOU KNOW… to TEST the server???


Durnit Omar, shutting down our lulzy Elwynn Forest chat shenanigans…


I knew something was wrong. The login process was so smooth and uneventful there had to be something afoot.


Never forget Classic realm 5!


I was on the RP realm, not many ppl there

(Shadows) #15

Seriously. I DCed constantly during the first two tests. This time I had no issues at all.


Omar just Thanos snapped us off the servers.


Looks like on the realm select screen, the PVP servers are still up… or is that just a glitch on my end?


Lol, we were just talking about what realm we were in when it shut down. That realm? Realm 5.


I rolled on there to show support for RP realms, but it seems they want us to PvP on two realms.

(Darvile) #20

This. But that’s not the Classic experience! :rofl: