The server feels dead

I started out playing here because I loved RPPVP servers in the past, but I gotta say the server feels a little dead.

As much as I really like the few friends I’ve made here, it’s starting to wear on me how difficult it is to put most dungeons together, and especially how hard it is to find people to do elite quests. I literally couldn’t find a person to do the Ancient Egg quest with on my Warrior alt and I ended up ghost running the cave until I was able to solo it after about four days of trying.

It also doesn’t really feel like a PvP server. I don’t encounter that many Horde.

I know it might seem like it’s common, but I also play on Kromcrush with some friends as Horde, and I can throw a group together in under a minute for every dungeon so far, and forming groups for elite quests has been almost instant as well.

Not trying to be a Debbie downer. I love the server and the friends I’ve made, and sometimes the lack of people makes it easier, because I don’t have Horde camping the entrance of blackrock and the flight masters just to grief, but man I kinda wish it felt more alive


I see we’re in similar positions as my main is also horde on kromcrush.

You’re right, it’s alittle quiet on this realm. Although I’ve managed to find groups for every dungeon up to this point. I see lots of chat for 60 dungeons too, obviously not as active as Krom though.

Personally I think it comes down too what you want to get out of this server. I raid horde side so don’t really plan to do the same here. This is more a relaxed/PvP character. Take advantage of those ally que times. Leveling is also cleaner. I don’t want to deal with the constant ganks from horde side or mob tagging against fellow ally. Questing is great on this realm.

Could paid transfer but the people on this realm tend to be more my flow. Friendly.

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There is a difference between a quiet server and a dead server. Most people are 60 now so they don’t level anymore or don’t do that much dungeons.

If your focus is on doing dungeons as fast as possible, bigger servers will do better but everyone is anonymous. Personally, I prefer smaller server with a sort of community.


I agree. I play on Grobb and DD. There’s pros and cons to both sides. Grobb spend more time getting ganked but the higher activity also feels nice. DD I enjoy as a solo adventure but it is disheartening when you cant find a group. Both adventures are fun though!

i love it /shrug

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I feel the same way i just xfered here a few weeks ago excited for the smaller community of an RPPVP server and being the underdog to the alliance. But my god there is nothing going on here LFG channel was dead at 7-9pm est. Cant find groups for anything and the world is an empty shell on horde side. I know i said smaller community but wasnt expecting it to be this small for a “Medium” pop server.

I have been leveling a baby rogue lately and I have noticed, at least on alliance side, that a bunch of new leveling guilds have popped up and are all out questing together. Perhaps joining one of these until you get closer to 60 is the answer?

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I recommend transferring. Alliance have too many as it is.


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I’m actually in one of those guilds (The Red Army) and the amount of players over 45 is pretty limited.

Ah well, there’s not much you can really do about the population. This server is what it is, and I love it, but if you want something bigger you can always transfer to Grob…

So far I’ve had no problems finding people to do dungeons with or even people to do some elite quests. Maybe it’s the time of day you play? It seems fairly active in the evenings to me.

Balo, my suggestion would be to find an active guild. Don’t know for other but ours is usually pretty entertaining.

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Time of day population is very noticeable on this server. You can tell when its just after dinner and when different work shifts are starting / ending.


I think there is a huge difference in experience between Horde and Alliance. I think we all know that Alliance severely outnumber Horde on this server.

The Horde side is absolutely brutal. Even during primetime and weekends, I struggle to find dungeon groups (as a tank) and don’t even bother with elite quests anymore.

I imagine the Alliance side is a little bit more tolerable, just because there’s a larger population. But every time I log on to this Horde alt, I just get more and more frustrated at how empty the world is, and the realization that the rest of the journey to 60 will be a solo experience is a bit depressing.

I don’t think it’s that much different. I don’t know where there’s any actual server numbers as far as who outnumbers who, but my alliance experience on this server has been pretty much identical to yours

This is a problem in lower pop servers.

To me, there are only two solutions: either go to a higher population server or build the server you want to play on.

The first solution means this server gets smaller, and more people have a hard time achieving goals. Eventually it dies.

The second solution requires a bit of dedication and time, but is far more rewarding.

It starts with the individual player–answering other people’s calls for assistance and runs. Giving help when it is needed. Just being decent to one another, no matter the faction/guild/etc. Become known as someone who gives a damn about the community and it’s population. A builder, problem-solver.

It then moves to guilds and guild leadership. Being there, getting to know who is playing under your banner, providing entertaining events, and making sure that you address whatever stands in the way of your membership enjoying their time in game. Lead well and your members will follow suit. People should be proud to wear the tabard, and know what it represents.

For a server to work there has to be community. Guilds should work hard to establish respectable reputations. Focus on one’s guild, but be sure to reach out and establish ties with other guilds. Talk to folks on the other faction, and work with them to create interesting events and stories. Help a struggling lowbie out no matter what guild they are in.

Community is a long-term project and requires maintenance and stewardship. It takes people actively invested in making the server a place that folks want to play. If you aren’t one of those who can do that, then find a guild that is lead by those who can and support them. Grind for your server and community like you do for any other thing you want in this game.

TLDR: Be the sort of person you’d like to play with and build the server you want to play on.


The solo experience has been really rewarding honestly. I ask for help along the way and things seem to be paying off.

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