The Second Phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live!

Is anyone else getting that all servers are Incompatible and not able to log in?


Glad I wasted the time doing the dracthyr starter zone only to be stranded here and unable to leave. Get it together.

It is broke cannot log into any toons now.

Can’t login, character with that name already exists lol, and I keep getting teleported to Stormwind.

And this second patch has already FAILED. Spent the last 2 weeks setting up the HUD to be useful, and they deleted ALL of it. Plus several reports of NOT being able to actually log into characters. EPIC FAIL PATCH.


I’m at the top of the zeppelin tower in Durotar and the NPC “Storm Huntress Suhrakka” isn’t spawned. I can’t continue the questline or buy the prepatch gear. Anyone else with the same issue?


In fact, there’s no one else there, I’m phased or something which prevents me from interacting with the prepatch."

Edit: I was in a weird phase because of a war event in Durotar (Legion beginning quests I think?) which phased me out of seeing this one NPC. Others were spawned.

they cant wear armour? this is the paid race and class? did you even try to make it work? why would anyone play this? what an absolute joke, let down.

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Fix the mob tagging at the event please

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I always loved the cinematics and trailers for Warcraft. Such a good feeling

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enchanting vellum is broken…
as well as the DK rune forge - cannot even choose the rune I want to enchant my weapon with…will ONLY let me use the 1st one on the list, which I never use…

and please fix the tagging thing at these invasions things. (sure hope this isn’t ‘all’ there will be to do)

Im having the same issue as well.

Enjoyed the starting area - then heard all about the sha and nalack mounts dropping - sadly I was too late and it had been patched - but Blizzard you really should up the drop rate on the pandarian mounts - been trying since panda land dropped and no love - getting beyond a joke now for those of us who hunt mounts.


same will not even download patch

In a way yes maybe they did rip off ideas from Avatar , but every company out there gets their influence and ideas from others.

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OMG! I’m legit in tears! This looks way better than I imagined! I can’t wait to start this new chapter! Finally, the Blizz team is listening to their questing audience! So much to explore, and so much to see! I love World of Warcraft!

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on the flip side i haven’t had any issues at least, and looks to be the best xpac in awhile

Thank you for making the promo event about the community. This was nice.

I do have a nitpicks. First and most important… I don’t feel there was a good job of keeping this advertised. Maybe they should’ve made a sticky near the top of the posts/ highlighted in some way. A lot of people that would come here or other social media outlets would’ve not known that this event is ongoing atm. I don’t think this is a good thing.

Second thing I didn’t know these events were on such limited timing. I presumed it would be every week. Like typical weekly resets. Apparently it was wrong to be presumptuous. The first reward had a small window of four days or so? I don’t feel they did a good job of informing people of this either. Others might be just as presumptuous and think weekly resets is when it would be gone.

Speaking of peculiar timing that is not traditional. I notice this event ends at 12AM PST. I am not very happy with this decision either. If it wasn’t going to end at weekly reset then you would at least think it would be the daily reset.

I hope they reconsider and give some leeway to the rewards. I understand others might nay-say but in all honesty I don’t feel that I am in the wrong… with such bizarre timing… that we have never been subjected to before. I hope I will be able to receive my campaign rewards still. If anyone took the time out to read this and address the situation it would be appreciated.

Edit: I went to Twitch I seen low numbers and figured it might just be low interest in the expansion. In all reality my first statement of it not staying properly advertised was probably a huge factor in such low engagement numbers.

oOoOO… you missed out. Here’s your participation trophy. Oh wait, haha!

But for real it was advertised everywhere and with plenty of time in advance. The first round is just a kite pet. I am sure a lot more people will turn out for the mount on launch day. 28th write it down, write it down! Good luck

Loving Dracthyr!