The RP Community Megathread

No you guys are all good! The conversations are great and I expected PVE and PVP to enter the picture. My main concern is to keep it reeled in just a bit and to keep the context of it in RP as best we can. PVP and PVE effect the RP community, even if that’s not our main focus.


Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all have a good holiday season, whatever it is you may celebrate.

Not expecting anything with the community council until the new year, so there won’t be much going on with the megathread until then. I’m hoping we will get some kind of feedback from Blizz. Thank you once again to everyone who made the megathread possible! Really excited to see what happens in 2022.


I have the selfish request of removing the class barriers for races. Restricting creativity from players isn’t something I enjoy. If they want it to have a negative effect like being shunned from your faction in certain areas, then so be it. I fully support allowing the players to have full domain over what they want their character to be. Yes, I’m a degenerate that wants to be an Eredar Warlock since being a Warlock is a literal taboo and anti-societal class in general. Draenei not having access to a basic class such as rogue is as silly as humans not having hunters. Trying to force all individuals into a certain state of mind is just lazy and uninspired writing.


Also you can say Draenei rogues wear cute little booties on their hooves to muffle the sound!! Also we have an in game example of a Rangari rogue in WoD so give us rogues Blizzard!!

This is how Juspion would sneak as a rogue


It’s perfect!

Also /wave Juspeon!

Happy New Year everyone, we’re back in business!

Halite kicked off the new year with another good thread, you can find it here: Armor and Weapon Classes


A subsection of the class fantasy argument also states that the player silhouette matters, especially in PvP, but I’m honestly not sure if it does - I don’t PvP and don’t have a good answer for that, so I’d love to hear some input on that. These days you can play as a void elf and be virtually indistinguishable from a blood elf, aside from the colour of your portrait, and we’re still able to tell them apart by mouseovering pretty easily.

Since I can’t comment in the original thread.
I do PVP, maybe not hardcore or consistently enough to have a full set of PVP gear but then again PVP gearing this expansion is kinda bad.

With that in mind, I don’t think class silhouettes in PVP is important. There’s nothing stopping a Warrior from transmogging into a set that looks like a Death Knight or Paladin tier set.

In addition just look at post tier set WoW and even our current PVP gear in Shadowlands and BfA. Cloth, mail, plate and leather classes are all awarded the same sets regardless of class. So does it honestly actually matter at all? What about in classic when you didn’t have transmog and you just wore whatever spaghetti gear you had.

I think unique spell and ability animations matter a lot more these days than a person’s gear appearance.


I agree this matters.

You know what else matters? That giant freaking class colored hp bar floating over the enemie’s head. That is a dead giveaway.

Way more than “armor silhouettes.”


Exactly and if you are properly using your interrupts and monitoring spells being casted when I see something like chain heal being casted I can safely assume that’s obviously a warlock of course and I should ignore it because topping dps charts is all that matters


What color the hp bar is, what they’re currently casting (and if it’s interruptible/dispellable), and if they light up red when I hover over them are all that really matter and that you have time to process in the middle of an arena fight. I’m not gawking at your transmog unless I’m stuck polymorphed as a frog for twenty seconds.

(Also for the sake of keeping the rp community thread on topic this will be my only post about this)


Anyway I just want more transmog options because I don’t like how as a cloth class I only have access to like maybe three good cloth shirts in the game. The other remaining ones are mostly low res classic era cloth chest pieces that don’t match with anything or are ugly.

Either give me access to other class gear so I can wear more pants mog or let me transmog the robe part off robes so I can have more shirts because the textures for some robes get all stretched out and look really bad and I just want to be cute okay.

Please and thank you.


i feel like that thread wants a lot of unreasonable changes…

…just to have transmog restrictions lifted

I know Cloth would get “left out”, but I’m in favor of lifting some Mog restrictions ONLY if it scaled DOWN. Leather can wear cloth, mail can wear cloth and leather, and plate can wear all of them.

I feel like this would solve a lot of the RP-specific issues of “warriors dont have enough kilts” etc without ruining class immersions. I’d also say tier sets off limits AND make the whole thing cosmetic only. You’d have to collect them on the appropriate armor/weapon class before it got added to your account wide APPEARANCE ONLY collection.

We also need Grey and white quality Mog options.

Alternatively to this whole thing, I’d like to be able to change gear SHAPES- that is mog a skin for a piece on top of the skeleton of another. I KNOW this would look terrible in some cases, but I feel like this should be player choice. It would for example give clothies more high end pant/shirt options and plateys more kilts. This would also need a MALE/FEMALE armor toggle. If ANY CHARACTER wants to run around in short shorts, let them. If a character likes a skin but not the revealing shape of the gear, let them put it on another shape.

I’d also REALLY like to see Blizzard normalize color SHADES in gear. We have round abouts a dozen shades and tones of GOLD across gear pieces, nevermind the other colors of the rainbow. I feel like a lot of asks for dyes and cross armor classes would be negated if GOLD WAS GOLD, etc, and it was less hard to match pieces of gear within your own class collections.

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A few wishes for RP, in no particular order:

  • Crossfaction grouping/guilding
  • All race/class restrictions lifted
  • Class skins OR 4th specs OR dual speccing
  • Armor type restrictions lifted for transmog
  • Armor dyes
  • Body sliders (height & weight morph at a minimum)
  • Player and Guild Housing
  • Server merges and removal of all CRZ/Layering for RP realms
  • Regular additions of new character customizations
  • Revamp and add Azuremyst/Quel’thalas into the vanilla worldspace
  • Revamp Gilneas into the new joint Worgen/Night Elf capital
  • Revamp and expand Alterac into the new forsaken capital
  • General updating of textures and models across the vanilla world
  • Integration of TRP/MRP style features into the base UI
  • A toggle to disable NPC chatter to prevent chat spam during RP
  • Hire GMs specifically to monitor and moderate RP realms for trolling/harassment
  • Group duels (party vs party) in the un-instanced world
  • Add gray & white items to transmog
  • Expand emote system to include things like /lean, /crouch, /attention, etc.
  • Ability to learn a different /dance from another race/gender
  • Voice selector
  • Make all furniture usable, far too many chairs in the world that can’t be clicked

I’d be open for a more limited loosening of transmog restrictions.

On one hand, I am a bit more of a ‘traditionalist’ when it comes to character class expression. I don’t feel as if a mage should be able to transmog plate, or even really leather to some degree, and that I dont feel as if a warrior should be able to transmog their sword into a staff or wand to beat people with. If you wanted to RP a caster that wears plate or mail, then paladin and shaman are open to you to do so. Their more recent direction of type sets for all classes of that armor type was beneficial in this. Hunters and shaman wearing the same set, paladins, DKs and warriors, all looking the same despite having all majorly different backgrounds. That is to say nothing of the cosmetic sets we have which are open to all.

Still, I see and feel the want or need to open up some of these sets, especially as it pertains to particular character/cultural expression of what that class is. The one that comes the mind the most, to me, is the leather Thunderlord set from WOD. It is such a hunter set, especially for orcs, trolls, tauren, and potential for so many more. Yet, hunters just cannot have it. Its disappointing and feels bad for every day questing or practical use. Sure you can roll a monk, rogue, or druid to use it but that doesnt feel good if you want to be that OG orc hunter, or even just general survivalist out in the wilds wearing what you hunt. How that turns out in practicality Im not entirely sure. Still, I’m not a fan of the idea or want for unrestricted transmog options as there should be still some structure or limitation to who wears what as it comes to classes and expression of that.

edit: A quick thought that did come to mind, and was sort of offered before, allow transmog for one other armor type. Up or down a type, these combinations, I feel, make the most sense given the classes involved. :

  • Cloth [primary wearer] + Leather [new addition]: Whats so wrong with a mage wanting a dapper leather jacket? Druids seem to cast just fine in it. Whats stopping a priest? Outdated Church of the Light morality?
  • Leather + Mail: A lot of the leather classes are not particularly casty (a very scientific term), they’re melee focused. They’d want a bit more protection for a little more weight or less speed. Outlaw rogues come to mind the most, windwalkers and brewmaster monks, DH isnt too far out there. For our more cast friends with druids and MW, plenty of dressy/looser mail sets to work with.
  • Mail + Leather: Similar to my original example, the more wild/survivalist hunter or shaman using that Thunderlord set. Mail works, but leather is a bit more connected to the earth which suits the two classes this affects. I also just cant see a hunter, practically, in full plate. Too big and clunky for what their given fantasy says.
  • Plate + Mail: Plate classes, the big buff melee sticks, may want something a bit lighter but almost equally as protective. I see a lot of hunter sets having this feel. Shaman to a lesser degree, but still. Has that light infantry or skirmisher look, particular themes in devotion or culture to nature, the light, ect.

Definitely make all white and grey items transmogable though. Like, that should have happened day 1.


I’ve sorta just been watching this thread but I definitely think Azeroth should be prioritised. I can only speak for myself but we spend a lot of time getting invested in our playable races, and spending an entire expansion in the cosmic realm of the dead with only really Thrall and Jaina to remind us of home… has not been my favourite thing. It’s felt too disconnected. I’d like to see more lore development of those playable races. Bring our stories back to Azeroth.

And the way I personally would love to see that would be revisiting the old world. BFA’s revamp of Arathi and Darkshore were REALLY cool. I’d love to see that, gradually, with the entire world. Doesn’t need to be like Cataclysm where the whole world is revamped… but it’d be neat to let us go back to old zones for new content. Chromie time can still allow us the old leveling zones, but give us a chance to have new content too.


May I point out a lot of fantasy involving illusion required bending light? Muffling compounds or shoes on their hooves, and utilizing their Gift of the Naaru to warp light around their bodies, Predator style?


Two pleasant surprises in one week.


Caleb popped in to the thread over on MG, so that was really good to see. Really happy we’ve got folks from the RP community who are taking the time to read our feedback and communicate it. I think it goes a long way in showing Blizz just how supportive and caring of a community we’ve all helped build.

Thanks for linking the post Buliss!


The community is really good at making sure information gets circulated. Even for someone like me that hasn’t had a forum presence anywhere for, like, eight years!

And it would seem I have even more reading to do!