The reason I don't like boosting

is mostly because it lets people get to 60 and still have no idea how to play their class.

Running dungeons to get prebis on my latest alt has been a slog of awful tanks that don’t know how to tab-sunder, healers that spam themselves OOM every single pull even though the tank isn’t being hit hard, mages that are super slow on sheeping (if they even sheep at all) etc. etc.

If I were to fix this, I’d just make it so that if there’s more than 10 levels of difference between the lowest and highest level party members, exp gain from kills is reduced by 90%. “Boosting” just goes against the spirit of the game and raises clueless players that don’t know how to play because their 10-60 experience was just /afk’ing in dungeons.


Yep, it’s trash.

This 100% this, i went on a private server where you can insta-level to 60 and get whatever gear you want with a friend. At the time i only knew how to play a mage so i did this to a warrior, by the time i wanted to look at abilities i had absolutely no idea what anything did save for a few abilities.

When people boost a new class, a class they haven’t played before they’re gonna make the people they play with their crutch. A crutch that won’t be removed unless someone goes out of their way to help them.

They going to be going into dungeons with gear bought from the AH since they can spend the gold, them boosting is proof of that and then spam Scholo, Strath and Blackrock Spire for pre-bis while also doing AQ 20 and ZG on reset. All the while the people they play with is being their crutch.

this is why we need tbc to release now so all the chinese bots can farm the sheep in tbc and leave us classic players to our own devices.

Same complaints, yet nothing will ever change.
I leveled my 2 60’s old school but I boost my 29/39/49 twinks to get them there faster.

Is this like “what I did on my summer break” stories from grade school?

And I’ve seen enough that hit 60 the normal way and still don’t know what they’re doing. This isn’t a boosting issue. It’s a player issue. Don’t peg it on the boosting community when there’s proof it happens in every other way of leveling.

Leveling doesn’t teach you to play your class. You can level to 60 auto attacking creatures in zones levels below you! You can nearly AFK auto-attacking with minimal interaction to 60. So please, find a valid reason.

I agree, there will be bad players regardless of how they got to 60. Boosting just expedites it.

There are players that level the “normal” way and still have no idea what they’re doing. That’s OK, though. Part of being a community together is helping out one another. Something that has been lost for some time.

Personally I don’t care.

I don’t think not being able to play your end-game class build is a symptom of boosting, only.

Some of this has been fixed in Retail, but not entirely. You can level as a DPS warrior, then try tanking end game, or as any hybrid that doesn’t level in their end game build.

I assume the OP is (for some reason) jealous of either mages running boost runs, or people who have the gold to pay for them.

It empties leveling zones.

It’s against spirit of vanilla.

Impossible to find dungeons or quest groups when everyone else is in sm/Mara/stockades.

Just make them for yourself. I’ve heard of people having difficulty finding dungeon groups, but have not yet faced any.

I’m not a super hardcore player, and only have 3 level 60s, have never boosted, leveled one almost exclusively through dungeons, and ran most dungeons while leveling on all my max-levels. I also have several characters in the 30 to 40 range, across multiple servers.

Either you spam “LFG (dungeon)” forever, or you spam “LFM tank/heals” forever. Finding groups for most dungeons while leveling is pretty tough. On horde side, I was only able to find groups for RFC, WC, SM Lib/Arm/Cath, ZF, and ST. Every other dungeon didn’t have anyone looking for them since most people are just boosting in SM or Mara.

I had no problems finding groups at all.

We may have different definitions of “difficult,” and “effort.”