The reason Demon Hunter's feel hard to kill in pvp. (Suggestions to nerf)

Hey guys, i’m a r1 dh just thought id shoot my imput for what needs to be nerfed about DH. I currently have 3 dhs above 2700 in SS. And ive played to #1 spot many times last season, when dh was very weak.

Summary at bottom if you dont want to read all this.

  1. Soul Fragment Healing.
    (Since the revamp, Demon hunter gained a talent called demonic appitite as a passive, this allows your chaos strike to have a 40% chance to summon a soul fragment, this gives you fury, but also heals you for 10-12% of total HP, depending on talents).

Since last patch, quite ltierally this will be most DH’s top healing done, essentially doubling their self-healing output from last patch to now. This is the main culprit for tanky-DH.

  1. Gained passive 3% magical damage taken, (Demonic Hide Talent- Third row, far right.)
    Essentially just an unncessiary random addition, (But it all stacks up)

  2. 2% Versa damage reduction talent. (Another random addiction. )

  3. Infernal Armor, now while not all DH’s play double immolation aura build anymore (A fire inside, final row, far left tree) This talent increases your armor by 10%, 20% fully talented.)
    This is around a net 2.3% armor reduction to physical, per immolation aura. The Fire Inside talent can randomly proc extra uses of immolation aura. Adding onto this.

Now while around 80% of the reason DH’s feel tanky is because of soul fragment healing, i beleive all these little additions have stacked up, and when together, make demon hunter quite tanky when in combination with blur/glimpse.

Summary: Nerf Soul Fragment healing (It overall doubled DH self healing since prior patch, its 13% HP per, and spammed. Along with many more ways to get soul fragments (Every sigil used spawns a fragment, Elysian spawns up to 5, Purging gives 1 as well) Each healing for 13% of max HP.
Pseudo buffed by stamina trinket bonus change) . There are many smaller % increase, 2% versa reduction, 3% magical reduction added since rework. 2.3% physical armor reduction per immo stack.
Which all add up for alot of passive mitigation. Needs to be checked, but look at self healing first.




idk what 6char means

dumb idea unless havoc gets back legion levels of leech. the class has no sustainability unlike most classes (fury warrior is gross with its self healing) would ruin the spec more. not to mention its already been nerfed at least once.

havocs fine you just need to actually learn how to play the game outside of small 10 second windows.

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Demon hunters have “above average” self healing, but it’s truly nothing compared to say a warlock or a monk or a shaman who can literally go 0-100 in an instant. Their healing comes in small, 20-30% bursts (not 10-12%), with a 30% chance to summon a soul fragment from chaos strike, which can possibly increase to 40% depending on stats and talents but its not that high.

But do you understand the math of this?

For every 10 chaos strikes, which costs roughly 400 fury, you will get 60-90% of self healing from soul fragments.

The GCD rate is 1.5sec, so even if you had endless fury it will take you an entire 15 seconds on a chance to self heal 60-90% of your total health…

I dont know about you but thats very average. Nothing to nerf here.


How do you do, fellow Demon Hunters. I love this class and have thousands of hours on it and am one of the best pvpers on DH. But listen, we’re really op and should be nerfed, here’s why.


The game needs an overpowered and easy to play class, DHs can be killed in pvp if u’re ranged and know how to play, just kite, he wont heal and u can kill him.
Or if u’re a rogue.

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