The queues will die, right?

So unfortunately I have groups of friends split between two servers (one here and one on Rattlegore).

I would much rather play with the group here because I believe this server will be healthy in the long run and the name is honestly amazing lol.

So its my belief that the queue for this server (currently 3k) will die over the couple weeks max and sticking around will really pay off. There will prob be a queue during big events, but thats cool with me, as long as its not on a daily basis.

However, one of my friends on Rattlegore who I happen to talk to every day is dead set on convincing me that this queue will take a long time to die, it will always essentially sit at 3k at peak times for a couple months, and Rattlegore would be a better choice because everyone will get to play when they want to and that I should try to convince the people here to move over.

What do you guys think? At this point I just want some seconds opinions on this matter.

Sure, once people stop playing, once the novelty wears off. For now, you just need to figure out a way to deal with the queue.

Hmm, for me, every time I come home to “full”, my queues take about 5 minutes. 3k isn’t bad and imo it’s a better trade off than a server you aren’t sure will survive.

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