The PvP Brawl will be Arathi Blizzard for the rest of this week

In order to fix a technical issue preventing players from leaving the Comp Stomp brawl, we’re changing the brawl over to Arathi Blizzard for the rest of this week.

We plan to then run a week of Comp Stomp starting Tuesday (Dec. 3).

Sorry for the mix-up!


I was trying to ask this question when you yanked the thread out from under me! So mean! jk

Will it still be an Arathi comp stomp on 12/3?

Thank you for handling this quickly. As much as we appreciate your efforts, is there a chance we could get some pvp tuning updates? Things are kind of spiraling out of control atm.

Good, uh, can we just delete comp stomp pls? It’s not PvP, it’s PvE.

Please send me as many free products as possible.

To be honest… I just enjoy comp stomp week to grind some Arathi Rep and free marks of honor on my army of alts.

Is this no longer happening this week?


They were late.

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The bug is still happening