The problem with premades in pvp

tonight in the wsg lobby In the pug’s i was in I faced against 6 premades in a row. That is completely silly… these groups have gotten out of control, something needs to be done. Lower overall honor and rep for a raid group.

every wsg has been a premade tonight. literally every single one. i’ve queued in 10 +


Blizz 1.) doesn’t care and 2.) doesn’t read this


You’re about to be bombarded with the response “go find a pre-made”

Premades suck, I have found there is less chance of a pre-made the day before reset.


It comes down to the need for a matchmaking system. Then premades could face premades, twinks could face twinks, and so on. But it’ll never happen so the answer is just not to play BG.


this isn’t a valid solution, and you know that… This is a serious problem for people just trying to pvp on their own schedule.


Just stop queuing. Let the premades have the bgs. Thats what they want.

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The last thing premades want are to face other premades.


Not true, the more accurate statement would be: the last thing RANKERS want to face is other premades.


Stop solo queuing while expecting good results.

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Solo queue BGs in any expansion is miserable, usually a few people trying to win and a few people afk and a few clueless insects.

Pug v pug is usually decided by which team has less dad’s remote queuing from work


It’s the only real solution. Even limiting premades to face premades is a primitive matchmaking solution. Might as well go all the way and give people a rating and put together an algorithm to match similar ratings against each other.

This is a problem with an already-made solution, they do it in Retail. The code is there, it just needs to be turned on. But so many would rather have a bad BG system rather than bringing in anything from Retail.

So we’re stuck with unplayable BG.


You know what’s a more miserable experience?

Solo queued players facing a full voice chat coordinated premade and getting gy camped


I hope all the solo queued players just quit, and not just BG’s. I hope they quit WoW over it like 2 of my RL friends did. I hope more and more servers become ghost towns

Once it starts hitting blizz in their wallets, they will begin to care about it


I hope you quit too

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Ha, don’t tempt me. Quitting is my second favorite thing to do in WoW, behind casual pvp


You are dead weight anyway, why resisting the urge?

The majority of premades are sweaty rankers

I can’t remember the last time I saw a premade that wasn’t full of helmet icons. No one plays at r12 or r13 just for funsies


You bore me


Yeah it’s Tuesday what do you expect. Lol. The quality and quantity of premades has gone way down at least with the aq release and will continue to trend that way so relax.

I find it hilarious that all these people say they only play against premades, and that premades only want to pug stomp. If you only que into premades, what do think premades q into? Do they magically suck up all the pugs? Turns out some of you puggers just have bad luck and need to relax.

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