The Primalists are seriously uninformed

I first realized that their cause makes no sense at the start of the expansion because they can’t cleanse Titan magic… from a Titan. Azeroth is a Titan!

However, I realize that their use and veneration of the elements makes no sense either. They consider elemental magic to be so powerful and so great and yet we all know in early Azeroth’s history the void, as the Old Gods, easily took over the entire planet. The elements were their playthings! The elements even decided to be subservient during the Cataclysm. Razageth also got easily beaten by a void infused Neltharion. The only thing that stopped them was Titan magic…

I don’t think Sargeras and the Burning Legion cared much for the power of the elements either. They seemed to corrupt entire planets without much of a problem. Seems the Fel is pretty potent!

I also don’t think the Lich King let alone the Jailer cared too much for elemental magic as well. At the cauldron in the Maw as well in Torghast he could Dominate them easily as well.

What’s so great about elemental magic? I think these dragons have been locked away for way too long they seem to have no idea how powerless and little they are in a big cosmos.

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The primalists are just Twilight’s Hammer 2.0 minus the cool edgy aesthetics and music. They are mooks that will just disappear to nothingness after their storyline is done, probably in 10.2.


The Titans certainly want us to believe this, yes.

There’s an emerging possibility that Azeroth is not necessarily a Titan, but rather, that world-souls can be born as a variety of different things, with Titans being merely one of the options.

The point of the Titans going around ordering worlds is, under this theory, to claim the souls for themselves and ensure their uncontested dominance.

The Primalists don’t favor the elements because they believe they have a higher power level, they favor them because they were first. It’s an originalist argument. The fact that the elements have been so frequently subjugated and abused only furthers their sense of righteous indignation.


That’s a great point. Titans use the term, “Originate” with “Create” they don’t make a distinction on who came actually created Azeroth. They impressed upon her their will and thus order magic was used to change her from a Void corrupted one and eliminate her immense elementals and send them off to their prisons. This gives the possibility that world souls are blank slates induced by primal magics maybe they become life beings, induced by shadow magics they become void, induced by death magics death, etc. That makes a lot more sense that Titans are world souls and they get corrupted, rather the soul is blank and whatever influences it more that is what it becomes.

Is this written anywhere in lore?

They are not dragons. They are proto-drakes that refused the evolution into Dragons.

Dragons are titan creations.

Including Azeroth herself. As she is the one who informs Magni that she is a Titan. Not Aman’thul, not any of the other titans, nor the titan-forged.

It is a theory based on the fact that some Titans have ties to other cosmetic or elemental forces. Like Eonar with life, Khaz’goroth with Earth and Fire, Golganneth with Air and Water (sea and storms) and Argus, whom was infused with Death magic via the Dreadlords in secret. Even Sargeras became infused with Fel magic when he shattered Mardum. Then you have the fact that the Void Lords created the Old Gods for the sole purpose of infusing void magic into a nascent titan so they could use that to anchor themselves to the physical plane.


Blizzards current writers lack the ability to write any new stories so they are just regurgitating the same story. DF is just Cata reskinned. instead of elemental lords we have elemental dragons. Instead of Twlight cult we have the primalist cult.

It has been the same thing for the last 3 expansions. blizzard needs some new creative writers to write something new.

Yeah this is going to be hard to get around. Azeroth herself has admitted to being a Titan!

to be fair my own idea for an expansion is just a sequel/improvment (at least in my opinion) of BFA, without the faction conflict but still us out in the seas exploring several smaller new landmasses while fighting the forces of leftover villains like Azshara, Knaifu, and Helya.

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Still this is warcraft we are talking, retcons are not just normal but part of the setting, so all we know for sure is that Azeroth and what is inside the planet is special and every cosmic force want it.
She may think she is a titan, cuz she has been infused with order corruption for about 30k+ years.
Every expansion since legion has us defeating the big guy of a cosmic force.
Legion = fell( sargeras and the legion)
Bfa= void (nzoth and azshara)
Shadowlands = death( the jailer and Sylvanas)
Dragonflight = elemental/order (primalists and ???)
All we know for sure is that dragonflight is expanding the knowledge we have about the titans, their intentions with azeroth and what their creations went about to realize their creators vision. Since the titans are locked away from us to keep sargeras imprisoned I doubt that dragonflight will have a big bad from the order pantheon, but still it is paving the way for an antagonist from order to rise up in the following years.

And we have the first ones and the great enemy that is the come for the whole cosmos. So soon we’ll be getting more info on that and why zovaal was so afraid of that, and what will be azeroth role in all of this.
( and no it is not the void lords, this new big bad is something outside of the cosmic chart, so above the void lords, for now)

A sequel would be fine so long as you don’t reuse the same story beats as other expacs. Don’t have another horde warchief go evil and serve a big bad, Don’t have the Horde blow up an alliance city and then don’t have the Alliance and horde have to work together to overthrow said evil warchief.

also don’t take exisiting elements and just rebrand them as something new AKA
Elemental lords= Elemental dragons
Etheral trade empire= broker trade empire
Twlight cult= Primalist cult
Titans= First ones

and so on and so on.

Reusing the same villains is fine so long as the story is different than the last time we encountered them.


N’zoth is small fry compared to those who created him and his brethren. So I wouldn’t call him the “big bad” of the void. He wasn’t even the strongest Old God that we know of. Just the most influential. Although Yogg-saron is close in that race with the whole curse of flesh and whatnot.

Considering that Sargeras is a Titan, he is arcane first and Fel second. I wouldn’t call him the big bad of Fel since we don’t know what the Fel equivalent of the Titans, Eternal Ones, whatever Elune is, void lords and the Prime Naaru are. They could be very powerful natural demons like say Mannoroth or something else altogether.

The problem I see with this is the Well of Eternity. The Well was created when Aman’Thul ripped Y’shaarj from Azeroth and is arcane in nature. This happened before the Titans ordered the planet so Azeroth’s lifeblood was already arcane. Meaning already a Titan world soul

Has Azeroth ever actually SPOKE to Magni?

As far as I know, Magni doesn’t perceive her as talking to him, but feels her emotions and knows her will, however the finer details are up to his own interpretation (similar to how the Scourge know Arthas’s will but can’t read his mind)

So he may think she’s a Titan and just have misunderstood, or possibly all the Order Juice being pumped into her has convinced her into thinking she’s a Titan?

There we go. Do a Destiny 2 reference. “I said I speak for Azeroth. I never said Azeroth speaks to me.”