The Premade debacle, again

I saw a reply from someone who likened boosting to cheating. But then the same people who share a similar say things to people that force boosting rather than boost organic grouping.

You cannot force people to make a group or join a guild just to enjoy the game. Most people’s answer is to boost through anything beyond Heroic Dungeon/LFR because people are forced to premade group. Premades are toxic, friends or no, and no I’m not the common factor if I haven’t even stepped into that content yet due to finances.

Three Pillars? Nah. Not my cup of tea. Old content? May as well, low on achievement points due to too many fights on the forums on my old account.

The game is a better vet than a human. Discord “killed” any social element you perceived the game to have. I put that in quotes as Discord feels like a blessing to use a lot of the time as I use it as my primary Social Media platform. Realms are a thing of the past, at the rate of which everything is connected, may as well take the notion of accountability to the BNet level, like on Discord. If you mess up on Discord royally, you get put on a blacklist by common servers.


If gear cannot be given, do something like Paragon in D3/4/I where you gain power always from doing everything, and pushing the three premade pillars is no longer the ultimate source of power. Sure, it still will be a source of power, but not the only way like it is now and has been since WOD, borrowed powers or no. Builds should prosper and flow, and maybe take notes from Project Ascension, like a lot of notes, regarding power acquisition and flexibility.

Then put people into Paragon brackets and enable a free for all Brawl for BG’s. MMR has to be incorporated into WoW also, hence the vetting comment. There’s no excuse not to, game would be better with “dead on arrival spectator sport” harder queues that clearly work for other games, “MMO” or no.

Finally, make everything evergreen. Legacy should be a difficulty, as should Scaling from a floor level to a ceiling level. same deal with item levels. Gear, other items, instances, what have you. Let JP/VP/Honor/Conquest be useful again!


I can almost guarantee you that you’ll have a more positive experience in this game by playing with a regular group of people rather than rolling the dice whenever you feel like doing group content.

They really usually aren’t.


I’m just saying the game is a better vetter than a dice rolling human. MMR filters out failiure.

Then why are there constant debacles on the matter?

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Human greed. People want what they can’t have.


You’d 100% kill a lot of the game for me doing this. I like being able to push past a place with character power then go back and destroy it.

If it was an option, then okay.

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…how can you say premades are toxic if you haven’t stepped foot in them?

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The appropriate answer to like 99% of change requests.


Then the entire system needs to change to favor people so that they have what they want instead of the circumstances preventing them from moving up. IRL this would be stagnating wages.

When nobody joins your group or guild, that’s what I mean.

That’s Legacy as a difficulty. You can even oneshot current content like that too, as well as older stuff. It’s an option basically.

The general aura the content gives rubs me the wrong way without a queue.

People still can go up, people just don’t want to put the work in wow.
It’s way easy, just time consuming. And they’re reducing time requirement next expansion with no covenants campain, conduits, legendaries, etc.

The thing is people still join groups and guilds.
If anything it’s a problem that so many people feel that they can do fine without a guild or making friends.
And the game should help them more toward that.

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It may take time to find the ‘right’ home, but the effort of hunting down a guild (and proving yourself to them, as much as looking for what they can offer) is more than worth it.


WoW mirrors the United States in how unfair life is to those not in the know or the proper clique.

It’s gear. And Blizzard has to do something about how players acquire power via gear. Pushing the pillars can’t be the only way.

Because luck favored them and gave them a chance, not so much the unlucky ones. My old account was one of the unlucky ones.

More towards socializing or actually doing the content? Because you cannot have one without the other. If the game sucks, why socialize?

I don’t feel like the game is rewarding enough to warrant a gargantuan amount of effort from both parties.

That is quite a disheartening thing to admit. I cannot say you nay, nor will I deny you. All I can do is exhort you to remember that, as the Sherpas say: “The mountain only looks tall from the base”

Effort is never wasted, though it may seem so right now.

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No that’s an hyperbole by far. Tons of people manage to climb up in wow if they put their mind to it. Some people just don’t want to put any time and get mailed stuff when they login.

Pillars are a marketing term. Group content is a focus in an mmo based game.

Saying it’s luck is very false. There’s nothing about luck. It’s all about experience and what you can provide to the group.

All of it, socializing and content.
If the game sucks for you, obviously don’t play it.
Not saying that it can’t get better, just that it’s not really a productive argument.

I put my mind to it and was basically spat on for doing so. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to compare.

Shouldn’t be the only worthwhile, engaging content to do. Or if it is, queues. Because I can’t reasonably take “my way or the high way” approach as it is now. That was why I quit the first time.

Well how else can I get gear? Boost?

Neither is selling boosting as the only means of good gear.

People may be toxic, but there’s always more people. Tons of way to make new friends with each new group of people. If you have specific difficulties you might as well talk about them. Because this seems more like “I hate it all” atm.

There is content outside of it, but group content is the focus for the main reward loops of the game. That’s just how it works. You can play solo games if you don’t like that.

Edit. I’m not against more queue content if anything if that’s what you want to talk about

Playing the game is a good way to get rewards, like I said first if you need help toward a specific thing we can discuss it.

No, it doesn’t. You’re assuming ppl got that rating legitimately. I’ve seen ppl with KSM fail hard in keys.

It’s easier with queues than premades to organically make friends, yet the game dismisses it. It comes off as “I hate it all” because I previously fought you on my old account about this.

The queues would let me do the content. No need for boosting.

Alrighty, then MMR for queues.

to a point, any hard content doesn’t really work that well with a queue. So there would always be a limit.

Current M+ problem is the lower level of difficulties probably should be queueable.

We already have raider io for it. And we’re gonna get solo queue for pvp with it.
Personally, I’d probably add some type of proving ground challenge to be able to queue. So it’s less prone to boosting and shows more the aptitudes of the player.

I think it’s less about people feeling like they can do fine without a guild and more about joining a guild feeling like it’s worth the commitment, particularly in the case of raiding guilds. I believe that a lot of people will just do without gear/progression rather than guild up because they don’t feel it’s worth the tradeoffs, partially thanks to the game chipping away incentives to be in a guild.

Yea I’ve talked about that in another thread. I wish there would be more incentives/reasons to join a guild outside of raiding.