The pain of crafting in this expansion

I’d never hated profession this much till Dragonflight.

I’m so depressed and tired after hours of work, only to find out something I need to advance this profession come from other profession. Then I get to the other profession just to find out it’s locked behind specialization. In order to get to that point I need to get more skill points and which involve leveling up skills, but getting to the require skill point requries cobalt rep farm. I already farmed the rep on my other profession toon, I really don’t feel like farming another one AGAIN because the recipes are locked behind this rep!



Well, in this expansion professions are finally a piece of content that stands on its own feet and requires at least some dedication and time investment, just as other content.
In SL everybody could craft almost everything just by logging in with a level 50 alt and invest 15 minutes to level up a profession. Therefore crafting became meaningless and boring.


its super bad ya. i mean the thought of it sounded good, failure of an executions as usual


Theres i think theres profession guides on there

The whole point of the change was to get people to interact and use work orders instead of having 10 alts with all professions.

And it works.

You need some crafts, make a work order.


It’s Blizzard doing Blizzard things. Taking a good initial idea and adding so many things to it that it becomes a big complicated mess for many players.


Engineering is terrible.


Kind of but not really, the legendary base items took quite a bit of time to be able to craft at the upper ranks, not to mention you had to waste so many materials on them to be able to upgrade to the new rank.

I feel like they took that system and spread it out with the current system we have, which works for the most part, but also leads to issues with material costs being high. Along with being dependent upon other crafters to make the item you need to advance forward, which again can cause a high cost barrier, and not guarantee success due to specific pattern rarities and needing to either have a ton of gold, or be one of the lucky few that get it early and can profit handsomely from it.

Oh and my favorite are the disingenuous players that constantly post public orders with zero mats, I would hope that they aren’t successful in scamming people out of mats. Especially with all the checks in place to warn people that their about to craft with their mats, yet people keep posting these orders so I assume their scamming people successfully somehow.

So yeah I understand where OP is coming from, as professions as a whole are far from perfect and are heavily flawed. In which one major thing I wish they would change would be to at least have the ability to reset your points a single time, just so you can reconfigure your build in case you get a very rare pattern and didn’t spec into it enough to be able to profit from it well.


Yeah, I slowly have maxed mine out, but there is simply no profit from it to be had, to be blunt there is no profit to be had as a whole from any of the crafting professions, other than the start of the tier when gear is in high demand or when you get a new pattern drop that’s in high demand at the start of the tier.

Otherwise all the AH bots lower prices to razor thin margins or below the mats cost, making it fruitless to craft anything and making it better just to sell the raw mats. It’s a pity that they put all this into these professions, yet failed to hit the mark again by making a lot of the items both expensive to craft and devalued due to the spark limitations and having no method to get the spark crafts without having to spend your own sparks on them when your learning your profession.


I wanna know who the genius was who decided crafted gear should go up to 447

Had to buy a WoW token this patch just to gear up.

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To be honest, I personally find this current incarnation of the crafting system kinda blows.


This and you also have people posting expensive mats for 1 silver, often with a post cost in gold, during peak hours and taking advantage of those who don’t have an addon that watches for scams. Got caught once while distracted someone bought my portion of the materials nearly instantly while that single silver item remained so I can only assume it was the original poster running the scam.

Really wish Blizzard would raise the minimum post cost to at least vendor prices. It’s troubling how often crap drops below even venturing price.

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I am not sure if I like it or hate it and we are this far into the expansion. Its both interesting and sort of a pain at the same time.

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This system looked good on paper.
but what it actually did was ensure I wont spend all that time working up Engineering on my alts like I usually do. I wont be repeating that kind of work for no good reason.
I wish they had found a balance between what we had and what DF has because I loved leveling Engineering before DF.


Eh? Not sure I follow you here. There’s one recipe per profession looked behind that rep, but I didn’t notice any of them being “required”.

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This is why reputations should be account-wide.

I don’t care about the difficulty or whether one profession needs another, but I find it uninteresting to have to create the same reputation on multiple characters.


work orders are a joke. i refuse to do any because its all low ball prices. dracothyst something you can only make 10 of in 24 hours my mats 100g. sells on AH for almost 5k.

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i was going to point this out. I had fully leveled leatherworking in Shadowlands and when I saw I’d have to make something like 45 very expensive, but otherwise vendor trash pieces (since no one wants them and they won’t sell for anything near the cost to make them), just to be able to make the ONE SINGLE piece I needed for myself… When I saw that, I didn’t even bother.

This is one of my buggest issues with the crafting system from both Shadowlands AND Dragonflight. There is no room for the crafter who just wants to craft a couple pieces for themselves and a few alts or maybe a friend. Crafters need to basically run a small business to even have crafting be worth bothering… Gotta sit in /trade and advertise endlessly to line up people to buy the trash to be able to keep crafting however much more trash you need to make before you can get near to crafting the item you wanted in the first place. Or someone could just shell out multi-millions in gold, of course. I’m interested in neither.

I would rather be playing the game than pressing a macro over and over to shout in the city “OMG LEATHERWORKER HERE! WHISPER ME!” in a channel most people have turned off because it’s obnoxious.

This angered me to no end. I have no idea what the thought process was behind it at all. Blizzard sees there are NO ORDERS BEING PLACED BECAUSE ALMOST NO ONE WANTS THIS CRAP WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OMG SO WANTED and so they figure “damn it, we put in a quest to fill a pile of non-existent orders” so their solution to get more orders placed is to let people order things FOR FREE!!! Yay, there are SO MANY orders in the system now… which crafters literally are begging for a way to make invisible because worthless, mat-less orders are annoying to dig past to find the real orders.

Let’s completely ignore you NEED to craft things for other people to be able to finish leveling your own craft at all and Blizzard has happily made it so you can “”“choose”“” (air quotes) to shell out tens of thousands of your own gold to give free gear to people you don’t know at all or you don’t get to level your craft to max.

Public orders should be EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED. PERIOD. I don’t know the other guy, the other guy doesn’t know me. They can pay for their own stuff, the AH is —> RIGHT THERE. They can walk to it as easily as I can.

Private and guild orders are different. Those are people you know on some level. You can have a reciprocal deal of some kind. You can say “hey, I’ll make you XYZ if you make me an ABC and we’ll call it even.”

I disagree. It’s too micro-compartmentalized. (You need boots? OOOPS!! You learned gloves! Too bad for you!) Luck plays FAR too much of a role both in procs and patterns needed. (Did you get that lucky pattern with a drop rate lower than the Invincible mount in ICC to drop for you? YAY! You get to make a craptonne of gold!! Oh, you didn’t? Better luck next expansion.) Calling it’s in-game instructions “stupidly vague” is being generous. There’s no in-game guidance AT ALL for how to get the bulk of your knowledge points. (With the low drop rate, I would have never EVER, on my own, figured out one of my weekly knowledge points came from killing vorquin. I needed to dig info like that off a 3rd party site.) This doesn’t even touch knowledge point spending being carved into the crust of the earth permanent so one mistake can set you back weeks in a system where only the first tiny handful of people who get there first will have any level of positive experience with it.

THIS is something I can agree with completely.

My experience exactly and I didn’t drag my feet leveling it either. As it stands, there isn’t even any reason at all to make things FOR MYSELF which I can make because it’s cheaper to just sell the mats and buy one off the AH of whatever it is. My professions are completely worthless.

No. You had to buy one to speed things up, NOT to gear. It is fully possible to gear without buying tokens.


I haven’t gotten too far into dragonflight professions yet but many people complain about how difficult it is. I do like to “complete” professions when the content gets outdated.

My question is for DF is it extremely difficult to just get Max skill points? Speaking about the traditional skill points to go with the profession, like northrend 1-75

Or is the brutal thing that people complain about trying to max out the new DF profession talent progressions that go with it?

You need to take orders from other players to be able to finish leveling your craft to max skill points because only things which require a spark as mats will get you any skill points. Those items are soul bound so, even if you had enough sparks of your own, you can’t trade or sell them once they’re made.

On the plus side, you can level alts and your alts can place orders from your alts to your crafter for these items and level it that way.