<The Order of the Forsaken> [H] RP To the Forsaken

Being Forsaken.

We are the livings worst nightmare. We are stronger than them. This scares them. To us they are food wearing clothes. Forsaken are the predators, the living our prey. Our advantage over them is clear. We know how they think, act, love, hate, and all of their deepest fears because we used to be them!

However, the living is our greatest threat. They bring chaos and destruction wherever they are allowed to roam! This is where the Order of the forsaken is needed most. Bringing order to Azeroth at any cost, one life at a time.



Well said Mistress! Forget not, ye of more flesh, that the Forsaken simply find your tasty toes as a side dish after plucking your eyes from the sockets and watching your blood taint the ground. Watch yourself as you wander…if my Mistress wants you dead, then dead you will be… leave it to Bigwig to bask in the darkness with the spoils.


Dark Lady watch over you!

I’m a disgusting rotting orchid looking for like-smelling acquaintances to share in the delight of eating the living. If you could be so cruel as to welcome me into your little … “group” … I guess I would be grateful.

Cold Regards,


For the Forsaken!

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Alphonsina, Darling… you are most welcome…

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These guys are awesome to the bone.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at their bones for yourself.

Dear Aovi, Brother from another Mother! The Order of the Forsaken are honored by your words and know that these bones, however dusty they may be, will fight beside The Thunderhoof Tribe into the depths of Stormwind if necessary! Be careful foes of the Tauren, for bones lie in wait in the shadows beside our brothers and our poison dripping blades are gleaming with fervor for a tasty point at which to strike.

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My worst nightmare would be my beautiful home of Teldrassil being burned to ash by your leader.

Elune’s blessings that will never happen!

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Dig up some friends and join in the fun!