The Order of the Forsaken (H) RP Guild

Full support to this guild. I’m honestly not really an RPer but their presence will enrich this server and we are very lucky to have them.


Aoivi the great Chief of the honorable Thunderhoof Tribe


A blessed Founder, Erzsebet of the Origina Order…

I am beyond humbled to have your support. Thank you both!


Finally high enough level to post on here as my lock. Just want to say thank you so much for inviting me into the fold. I’m so happy to be a part of the Order of the Forsaken.

I’m playing in a dying guild on another realm. I’ve been trying out RP guilds to get some ideas to revitalize the guild and scope out possible merges. I saw this post, immediately remade a lock I was playing on a normal server, and hunted down an invite. I wanted to use classic to finally dive deep into RP. The Forsaken have a special place in my heart. My first character was Forsaken when I started in BC. I’ve been unsuccessful finding a home that last or fits in classic. I didn’t even want to be on a pvp server, but I wanted to join the Order. I was not looking for them, but I found them and they welcomed me.

Jenasis is a warm, welcoming, benevolent leader who is always ready to help. Everyone I’ve interacted with have been lovely and engaging. Whether you are an expert rper or just getting your toes wet the Order is for you. There is no judgement here. If you are Forsaken, and looking for a home, look no further. It has been a delight so far, and I’m having a blast. Our numbers are modest, but there is something really great here… I can feel it. So anyone who is considering giving us a try we hope to have you if you’ll have us.

Do not seek death, and may the Dark Lady watch over you. <3


To find members for the Order such as this (and many others now) makes all of my hard work completely worth while and rewarding!

Thank you so much Vorghana!

I could not reply to this post in a timely manner. Frankly, because it left me totally speechless.

Since I am posting today… I warned everyone of the Orc shaman in the Order. He is still alive and well and attended his first forsaken event last night. Now I have a second shocker! I know my fellow RP fanatics may frown on this.
The Order has acquired some very oddly named Forsaken members recently.
I have met with each of these uniquely named forsaken, personally!
They are charming and courteous role players. Each and every single one of them.

Trying to make it clear. We are Forsaken, but still do have some standards!


Long live the Order! how’s the recruiting going? Are peoples active?

I personally report all Non-rp names that doesnt fit in game. I can’t stand it . it’s a RP server afterall.

and that’s how world domination begins. count me in.

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Recruiting is going splendidly. I am up to 35 amazing forsaken role players. Admit-tingly, most are not very active. When they are active they are really terrific. A lot of my Order (currently) are alts of high level players just wanting to do something different. The most we have had on at a single time so far was 8. Hopefully that will become more common as the numbers grow.

I tell you Repel, I used to be really hung up on names as much as anyone! Way back, On Ravenholdt one of the best role players to ever grace warcraft played a Orc named “Hulkababy”. A ridiculous name any way you look at it. Being in this Orcs presence you were immediately immersed in his character and his world. My characters spent a lot of time with this master. I learned so much.

I am pretty good at quality control.

And thank you Marolivis! That cracked me up.


Started a Forsaken Priest today name of Gailhart. I have never RP but the guild sounded fun. Looking forward to meeting and seeing you.

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The Order of the Forsaken is still alive and kicking, so to speak. Our ranks grow daily in anticipation of the Great Portal opening in the near future. Seek out any of our Order and we will find you a place within our ranks! May the Dark Lady watch over you, Power to the Forsaken!