The Order of the Forsaken (H) RP Guild

I have come for the dilapidated, desperate, unloved, and forgotten ones!
Hear me my beloved Forsaken and join the Order today!
The Order of the Forsaken is an Eastern Kingdom Order, exclusively formed by the Forsaken for the Forsaken.
The Living need not apply. Send word to me if interested in joining.

-Jenasis Dimentus

IC interview (with Jenasis) preferred but not required. New and Veteran role players welcome! Fresh Beginners or Veteran Masters! A willingness to learn and do your best is all I ask.

Everything happens in game in real time. No Real I.D.s, Websites, or Addons needed. Just old fashion (or classic, if you will) role playing.

ANY level character welcome 1-60.

Campaigns, Missions, and Story lines are pending more membership. I do not want to leave any forsaken RPer out so I am holding back the launch of these as long as I can. Meetings/Events will begin next week regardless.

Once I reach my first goal of forsaken members I want to invite a single ambassador of each race to the Order. An Orc Shaman is already pending! A Troll and Tauren role is currently wide open. These are important positions and not for the feint of heart! You will be attending (if your available) FORSAKEN Events and Meetings which will be rated PG-17 on a good day.

Thank you Deviate Delight!


I love seeing more theme-guilds!


Thank you Aovi!

   I appreciate you. Much respect to your Tribe!

Long live the Order!


Looking through the classic rp-pvp realm forums. This is nice. See you soon Order!


Thank you my dear Founder, Vikk.

Welcome to classic Ms Death!


I’ll be starting my DD toon soon and he’s gona be forsaken (either priest or lock) so I’m hyped to see this I’ll def hit you guys up!


I look forward to meeting you in a more suitable skin Romulos!

Let me know you if you are just starting out on this realm and I will take care of your starting bags and tabard. Tabards are given in person by me to all of my Order ASAP. I don’t like my people running about Azeroth not representing!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your interest, it is very flattering.


Were you involved in the similarly named guild that used to be on Ravenholdt?


As a matter of fact I was, for many years.

I only returned to wow because of classic.
Retail Wow became ridiculous (IMO).


The Order changed my life!


If anyone is looking to dip their toes into RP or inquire IC - I am often on at odd hours and am always in character. Feel free to say hello!


Are you guys still recruiting?


You guys are awesome, what a cool idea!


Every day I attempt to recruit Korvinas.

Almost thirty amazing forsaken role players so far! Some brand new role players and some veterans. It is a delightful mix.

Thank you Draconomus. I wish I could take credit for it. That honor goes to a priest named Melanick , from Ravenholdt about 12 years ago.

I appreciate the Order coming here to show their support as well!

I check this forum daily for updates on my Tauren hero Sadmoon.
I am genuinely flattered this forsaken rp post is has gotten so much traffic.


Great! I just got an invite on my lock. :slight_smile:


It is a delight to have you Korvinas! I mean it, I love your Warlock.


I reached my goal of twenty five forsaken last week so
I invited the Order’s first Ambassador. An Orc Shaman.
Do not be unnerved seeing an Orc running about the lands in our colors.
This is necessary for many reasons. I will name only two.
One, to help keep the peace with Kalimdor. Dark things have already happened, darker are on the horizon. Secondly, I wish my Order to have access to a Shaman. We forsaken have a seem to have a shortage of them. I will not allow my Order to be without access to someone with the ability to communicate elements.

I am twelve Forsaken away from my second goal and inviting a second Ambassador to the Order! This gives you time to apply for the job and meet me in person.
There are two non-forsaken roles left the Order wishes filled.
A Tauren Druid and a Troll Hunter.

You are expected to represent the Order and your kind, respectively.
This will be terrifically difficult for the Tauren. If one has the nerve to apply for such a position.


That honor goes to a priest named Melanick

Until the coup led by Alicee and Ironcross of course :wink: Ex charter member here. I was there in Brill the day the guild founded.


I witnessed the Orders birth in Tirisfal first hand. My only character on Ravenholdt at the time was a level 10 Orc in the Frostwolf Clan. I hated role playing an Orc. But the Clan was very nice and tolerated my bad RP.

I watched Melanick come out of the Tomb and rally the forsaken to sign his charter. Mostly alts of Bloodfury and Shadowtusk Clans. The Trolls (Shadow Tusk Clan) showed up and harassed the forsaken in the graveyard during Melanicks pitch for the Order (perfectly in character of course).

I joined the first 24 hours the Order was formed, I was level 5 running my butt off from Deathknell to Brill begging to be let in to the Order. They only allowed level 10+ to join. I think it was Dimoroc who took pity on me and invited me. As soon as Jenasis was invited the Orc was deleted and I went full forsaken.
(I do still remember some of the Founders)

Sadly, I also remember the coup very well. And Alicees direction of the Order afterwords. I lost so many friends, staying loyal to the Order. I wish Melanick had stayed. I wish I had done many things differently.

Thank you Classic!


As A Tauren, I am pleased to see you understand the difficulty a being from our culture would face in representing Forsaken interests and living among them.

In Thunderhoof, we have a natural inclination to be distrustful of the Forsaken leaders. One of our Braves was tricked by a leader in your city into providing a cure that turned out to be poison, killing a young Tauren.

This incident aside, we have found almost every single forsaken out in the world we have encountered to be honorable and worthy allies in the Horde. It is quite confounding.

Until such time you are able to find a Tauren Druid to fill this post, Thunderhoof will offer to provide assistance in the Druidic Arts should tyou find yourself in need.