<The Opposition> Horde - Whitemane Server Recruiting for Naxx

Hi Fam - We’re a day one classic guild that switched from retail wow. We’ve been a guild since 2011.

We’re still working on clearing Naxx with our guildies that we’ve also had since day one. We offer a non-toxic raiding atmosphere that prides itself on a positive gaming culture above all.

We run gdkp’s every week of all content outside of Naxx.

Loot System:
DKP / Loot Council

We’re looking for: DPS and Heals!

Raid Nights:
(11/15 Naxx - almost 12/15)

Friday - 7pm-10pm (pacific standard time)
Saturday - 7pm-10pm (pacific standard time)

Monday - MC gdkp
Wednesday- BWL soft res/gdkp
Sunday- AQ40 gdkp

We’re willing to help boost anyone wanting to switch to Whitemane to raid with us! We’re willing to help gear you!

Please whisper anyone in guild for an invite. Tell them Heeksters forum post sent you!

Message me on Discord: Heekster#0350

Check us out on the web at Opposition Gamers .com

We’d love to have you!


My 60 troll priest has been sitting dormant since i started playing alliance. I main on my alliance char but would love to raid log to help out your guild. Would you guys still accept me in the guild or are you looking for only dedicated players?