The number one reason I'm excited and can't wait for tbc is the lack of world buffs

The worst part about classic wow is being required to get world buffs and log out every week for sometimes days.

There are entire syndicates of people who live to dispel world buffs and can sometimes spend all day in ghost form targeting different people until they find someone with dire maul or song flower buffs and dispelling them.

People get mad if the scheduled nefarian drops are not on time, and now people are starting to sell rend heads and zg hearts.

It’s insanity and TBC can’t get here quick enough in my opinion. I’d like to be able to play my character whenever I want and not have to log out with world buffs thank you


Join a guild that doesn’t require them. Mine doesn’t we have fun. Some people still get buffs but most don’t and we play when we want to.


What I don’t like is that the content is blatantly not tuned around them, so the bosses end up dying stupidly fast.

And people feel obligated to not log on and do anything, especially with darkmoon faire.

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TBC fixes so many problems that classic has, it can’t come soon enough


I feel the same, even tho my guild does not require them, they highly encourage getting it. And for LC guilds who do you think will get that juicy upgrade first, the no-wbuffs guy or the full buffed guy?

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We get our buffs the day of raid, as close to raid time as possible.
You don’t need to get buffs, and “log out for days”.

If you tune for raid buffs it makes the game that much harder if you do not have them. WHich can be fun but there are people who DONT get them and would not make progress. Or in some cases you could make it so that you can ONLY progress with them if they are tuned tight enough.

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I’m sorry good sir but nothing in classic requires world buffs.


There’s no sense in being cheeky about it.

It completely depends on your guild but performance does matter to a lot of people and will either make you stick out in a good or bad way.

World buffs are definitely necessary and or a contributing factor to either circumstance.

So not “required” anymore than playing Classic WoW at all is, but required in many contexts of doing your best for your guild’s progression or performance.


I just find it ironic that so many retail players and so many people talked so much crap about Vanilla having no mechanics and being so easy and then…

The same players eventually go to classic and try to make world buffs required and try to play the game in a way that eliminates or minimizes as many mechanics as possible so everything becomes as tank and spank as possible.

The WoW devs themselves said they find it mind boggling that guilds make world buffs necessary for such old content and that it’s not required. I’ll trust the Blizzard devs themselves when they say they aren’t required.


That’s actually a good thing. If it was, one wipe and oops now you can’t beat the raid.

It also means its our choice to get buffs if we want to for fun, because it isn’t required to beat the content. You just get them so you can make things easier or to try and push a parse or something. Not because they are actually needed.

If the content was balanced around buffs, it would be an absolute nightmare.


i dont get this idea that some how its the modern players that are comming to Classic saying.

You know what. Lets make World Buffs Mandatory so we can slam the parse culture into these nerds. Honestly, people need to just get past the idea that players LIKE big numbers and want to see big numbers and go fast.

Why do you think people pick FOTM classes and specs? This isnt some secret plan from live players to infect the community. THIS IS THE COMMUNITY. Not all of it but a large part of it WANTS this.

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Want and need are two completely different things. If you want to see big numbers then that’s fine but don’t say you need to see big numbers like that because you don’t. This game has been calculated to death and the threshold required to clear even the biggest DPS checks is low even without world buffs.

Now I already know what people are probably going to say next…

“Oh it’s those darn private server players.”

“Retail players are the minority we’re only doing what those private server overlords of ours do.”

“This game magically added hundreds of thousands of subs from now 30 year old people that have full fledged careers and lives. Yes because dad gamers really care so much about parsing or discord clout.”

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to this day, I still have no clue why Blizzard never disabled world buffs in raids for the first month. For MC, i just assumed it was because tier 1 released at launch, and Blizzard didn’t feel it necessary to moderate their use so quickly. I thought they’d do it for BWL, but they didn’t, and that basically sealed the deal for me that they aren’t going to touch world buffs for all of classic. doesn’t make much sense. maybe blizzard really wanted to make the content as easy as possible. but…its just 1 month! would people really have complained that much?

The world buff meta will become the leather worker meta lol

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To what end? At this point, the world buff complaint will have surfaced by now even if they did that.

to make it more challenging for a majority of players.

having all those buffs lowers the bar greatly though. Making it that much easier for people to clear things. Looking at the health along for a unbuffed vs buffed character is really large change. That allows people to push harder and sit in more things they they would normally be able to

So in essence it makes the game EASIER to be buffed. Which … apperntly people want to do. Now at the very upper end people that pull the max out of there play for speed runs the buffs mean a bit more in that sense but for most players it creates more space for them to mess up. Take an extra hit or 2.

As for who it is, i dont think its private server players. I think its the culture of the people playing the game. Some people wholly believe that you must have buffs so they can get back to whatever they were doing. Raid logging or farming DMT/Mara for gold PvP etc.

We already know what people are thinking of pushing as we get to TBC. Drums for DPS or get out of my guild. As with world buffs dont need drums or 8 warlocks/hunters to kill stuff … but people want to take the easy path to gear.

… for a month. Then it’s right back to where we are now. What’s the point? Delaying most guilds’ progression for an arbitrary amount of time?

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This is so true, I like to do the best I possibly can and so I feel like I have to get the buffs and just makes raiding a chore and then I have to raid log on my toon. 1 death also just ruins a raid for me most of the time. I will be so happy to see the death of world buffs.

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