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Exactly! I preferred its look when it was Yogg’s brain, but would’ve considered getting it had it just been a normal any-5-people mount. They could fix it to make it such, but they’re not. So I’m not getting it, and I’m a mount collector.


Got it was a 5hr waste of time for a mount only the people i did it with can ride and none of them play cause they quit BETA FOR AZEROTH


Wow, I didn’t even know this - did all of it up till the group thing and gave up. I’m NOT a “group” person, I enjoy being a loner. I just wanted the thing because it’s a cool-looking mount. Too bad I’ll never have the opportunity to own one…

I have it. I liked the experience of obtaining it. I liked the mount for the first few hours I had it. Then the hotfix happened that prevented anyone but the 4 random pugs that I’ll never see again from using it with me. And that killed the magic. Haven’t used it since.



When are you planning on taking it away?

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Just asking who is working on it or wants to get it in the near future. Nothing more than that.


Puzzles were great, really a lot of fun. Of course making it so complex that guides were needed takes a little away from it, but overall it was a fun way to spend a few hours. I think the restriction on its usage is a little absurd but, still glad I did it.

I’d like to see more puzzle type things but not where people can see and point and laff at my failures. I want to be left alone to persevere my way through stuff in the privacy of my own inadequacy as well as this group type activity.

Ah, good to know. Thanks.

Taking my time on this one.

Because of its limited use it makes it just about useless and just an ugly mount.

Like to see something more practical like a mount you can use in a dungeon or raid to get around like in SoO.

In the end this Mount would be forgotten about and collecting dust.


I worked on it up till it required me to join a group to actually GET it. Will never have it now. I don’t do groups. Ever. Got soured on them years ago when individuals started getting crappy in them.

If it was a generic multiseater that worked across my alts then sure. But seeing as I dont push M+ and have more then 4 friends then I have no use for the mount or the time involved with getting it.

I dont care about the speed buff, but to restrict the uses of a mount so much in a genre thats called MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ROLE PLAYING GAME really sours the whole idea.

I saw it around everywhere for 2 days then you “fixed” it and now I never see it.


I was hyped when I seen this mount, then after the change to only the group you got it with can merge, I changed my mind and no longer care to go get it.


i got it the day after it was solved, i’m only disappointed in that I can only ride it with the pugs I completed it with. Would be nice to ride it with my friends.
One other disappointment is that it was solved in one day, I know it took many days to get to that point but I was hoping it would be harder outside of the yellow crystal.


Can’t solo the content, so it is a bit difficult to find a group in trade chat or LFG. They always want a 385 or higher to do it.

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We finally get a nice blue thread about a fun type of thing and you write that?

Any wonder why they avoid GD?

On-topic: Nah, can’t schedule myself for that many hours of stranger-group content. Maybe if I have time during my vacation later this month.

Still trying to figure out that forgotten hippogryph birdie one.

I have it. The experience of getting was fun! Really. The mount itself is a bit of a disappointment. i thought it as a 4-man mount; it’s a four man mount for those select 4 toons that got it together.

But the experience of getting it was epic.


I was excited to get the mount when I heard I could use it to carry multiple friends around. Now, that I have the mount and can’t carry my friends around it doesn’t get used at all.


Since I am a collector I got it. But like MANY have said not being able to use it with others with the mount is a huge let down. I would love to the the speed boost removed and add to ability to join with anyone with the mount (with the same max number of course).


Got mine, before yall decided to “fix” the issue where people outside your group could get on the mount with you.

Now i literally dont have it on my bar or on my favorites. its just a useless mount ill never use again because of your dumb damn restriction.


When I get mine, I will name it Lucio, because We Move Together As One.