The Night Elves destroyed Draenor

(Swiftraven) #8

don’t bother, I don’t touch that stuff

Bloodthistle for life

(Yzzami) #9

The night elves framed him. Beware the night elves


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the joke.

(Tyriellais) #11

Jokes are funny. This was just a random act of nonsense.


Says the Night Elf.

/tightens his tinfoil hat

(Yzzami) #13

A night elf would call it nonsense because they want to cover their tracks. I call it COLD HARD FACTS

(Tyriellais) #14

I mean, you should be arguing that it was Ner’zhul, AKA the Lich King, AKA Arthas, AKA a human, so it’s the human’s fault.


technically nerzhul was an orc and a shaman, so it’s shamanism and orcs faults, but we already knew that

(Wenoan) #16

I thought that might be the case, but given the number of posts I’ve been seeing justifying psycho zombie lady since Teldrassil, this looked like just another thread guised to support her and make her out to be a hero. That’s how I took it anyway.

(Avaelica) #17

Check your calendar Yzzami, it’s not Sunday yet.

(Selesnya) #18

Totes what happened.

(Yzzami) #19

Why do you think the night elves are so quick to join Sylvanas after being raised? Because they’re working with her


oh? I thought it was awful writing :smirk:

(Lagspike) #21

Are you saying Theramore was an inside job? Mana fuel can’t melt steel ships.

(Yzzami) #22

It was all Jaina. Jaina was behind the destruction of Theramore. Why? For power and control. It was easy enough for a mage of her caliber to practice mind control spells in secrecy. No one would ever suspect her , why would they after all of her calls for peace. She had been manipulating Garrosh’s emotions and feelings ever since he stepped across the Dark Portal. It wasn’t hard for her to mask with the right amount of various spells in the mix.

And it was easy enough to use Garrosh to strongarm the goblins into dropping the bomb either. She had everything planned out to perfection.

She sunk her claws into the blue Dragonflight too. It would assure her more power and ensure she would never be caught. She had to kill off Rhonin because he was the only threat to her. He was the one who was closing in on her scheme. She didn’t want to, but he was too close to discovering the truth.

Garrosh was becoming too hard to control. So she had to make sure he would go off the edge, a danger to himself and others. With the right channeling, and stealth, she was able to get the Divine Bell under his control. While also framing the Sunreavers. She didn’t want “filthy blood elves” in her city. She was about to fight against the Sunreavers in the Isle of Thunder, but she felt too much threat from the Shado-Pan, she would have to back off or she would be outnumbered.

Jaina was always wary of the magic wielding high elves. Especially of those who could use fel magic. She saw them as a real threat. Blood elves are cunning, and very good at spells. They could track down her scheme should they ever suspect her, and they could come close to matching her magical expertise. She had to get rid of them. And what better way to kill two birds with one stone? Manipulate a few of the Sunreavers, while also shifting any trace of magic to them, syncing it to match theirs. She would forge her actions to trace back to them. And the unsuspecting player would be none the wiser.

And to further the blood elves from being able to undo her work and prove themselves innocent, she would storm Dalaran and purge them. The Silver Covenant wasn’t in on her plots, but they were pawns that would serve well as they did not like the blood elves to begin with. Aethas was on to her, she had to get rid of him. Permanently. But, lucky for Aethas, we Horde busted in and saved him from her evil scheme. On the timeless Isle, Jaina was still silently chanting spells at him, trying to get at him. She almost succeeded which caused him to shift around in discomfort, but he quickly recovered and his barriers stopped her spells.

She wanted Dalaran, she wanted more influence, she wanted power, and to shed herself of the peace act she had going on, and she did it all right under our noses. First Kael’thas, then Arthas, and now Kalecgos have all fallen prey to her farce.

When will Jaina’s madness end?

(Lagspike) #23

I don’t care how crazy that woman is, she is still my one true waifu

(Yzzami) #24

Jaina is mad with power, she’ll absorb your power and add it to her own

(Lagspike) #25

I am okay with this. The crazier the better!

(Yzzami) #26

Death knights are on a whole nother plane of existence

(Lagspike) #27

According to Legion lore, I am one of the most powerful DKs in existence. I’d be a fun power struggle for sure.