The new set bonuses for Season 3 are here


The thing about healing is that there isn’t an infinite amount of damage to heal - 15 seconds of cooldown reduction might not be used, because at EXACTLY 45 seconds, the raid/party might all be at full health. So maybe you might cast it at 53 seconds instead of 60 seconds, so you won’t see the full benefit. But by foregoing Divine Resonance, you’re losing the 3 free holy shocks to “maybe” be able to cover an extra damage event.

In addition… a 60 second CD is a bit easier to time a trinket multiplier with. This is valuable in a raid where you would assign your healing CDs, and would want to more easily cover your assigned damage event.

The Abberus tier set is the 15% increase to Holy Shock crits - which I like. But now that I think about it, mathematically this will be outshined by the ilevel increase.

When the Abberus (4) set gave my Lights Hammer enough potency to compete with Healing Tide Totem, it’s a little hard to be excited about 15 seconds off a major healing CD that forces a talent swap to sync it up with it’s complimentary CD.

holy 4piece looks thrash.

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Better than DH tier bonus or feral druid or fury warrior. Especially DH and fury warrior they are force to play into one abiltiy in the spec tree and to take talents to buff it.

I’m additionally thinking about the other half of this, where you do damage. The current patch notes show Glimmer damage going up by 10%, and the triple-triple HS’s after daybreak can put 3 stacks of a DoT on enemies you use it on.

I will miss the functionality of our current 4-piece a lot, though. If they don’t make any changes to Light’s Hammer/Holy Prism they’re going to go back to being dead talents for me without the set bonus.

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I didn’t check what theirs do.
But 4 additional seconds in our context really doesn’t mean much we’re already overwriting the burn as it is.
So the additional time really only means it will be up 100% of the time and that we’ll never miss on the bonus effect, ever.

50% expurg damage increase is w/e, it brings expurg at 76% AP (from 51%) over 6 sec which means 126% over 10sec.

Pretty sure it’s just there as an excuse to put in the 4sec duration increase so that then the 4set always goes off on each judgement.

As for the 4set, as I said I kind of like the theme, it’s not overly original but that’ll work.
We still got Empyrean legacy which is kind of the same thing thematically and the effect is quite literally a better Templar’s Vindication(+works on DS) from SL and the OG Ret tree


(2) Set Bonus: Each slash of Blade Dance has a 50% chance to Throw Glaive an enemy for 35% damage.

(4) Set Bonus: Throw Glaive reduces the remaining cooldown of The Hunt by 0.4 seconds, and The Hunt’s damage over time effect lasts 4 seconds longer.

First Throw Glaive is a weak attack that we DH don’t even use it. We only use when FoT proc and we need to use it kill the demon to get the buff. 2nd The Hunt hits like a weak noddle. We been asking to buff the damage of The Hut since the beginning of DF and it falls to deaf ears. So buff its DoT damage does nothing. 3rd there is a Throw Glaive build (right side of the DH spec tree) but the damage is no long competitive so no one runs that build anymore. 4TH using the Throw Glaive build is chuncky and you also need to save one Throw Glaive in case FoT proc and you need to kill the demon.

Now DH is getting a rework (with little hope it will be good since the HD dev in the DH discord seems very disconnect with the players and he doesn’t even play a DH). So it seems DH got stuck with a pretty weak sauce tier set


(2) Set Bonus: Feral Frenzy grants Smoldering Frenzy, increasing all damage you deal by 20% for 8 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: Feral Frenzy’s cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. During Smoldering Frenzy, enemies burn for 10% of damage you deal as Fire over 10 seconds.

Is not bad not good. Seems like is mostly passive so feral most likely won’t need to change their playstyle.


(2) Set Bonus: Odyn’s Fury deals 50% increased damage and causes your next 3 Bloodthirsts to deal 150% additional damage and have 100% increased critical strike chance against its primary target.

(4) Set Bonus: Bloodthirst critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Odyn’s Fury by 2.5 seconds.

The current meta build don’t use Odyn’s Fury and Bloodthirst isn’t use that often. Odyn’s Fury build is also not that good for ST build and current AoE build don’t use it as well.

Hunter set is just all around terrible lol BM have it worse.

I am not saying ret pally set are good by any means is still seems very odd. Overall it just felt S3 all the tier set got a major downgrade

you know that if you spec into tg talents it hits decently harder and acceleration does double cdr for the hunt. also consider the talanet tree hasnt been revamped yet. it’ll be great to have fodder demon auto nuke itself. probs best to save judgement until the tree is out

also consider that the dev doesnt design tiers for specs, thats a different person. i disagree with the fact hes “disconnected with players” hes been very accepting of feedback and changed things to exactly how we wanted it since beta. again just because momentum is how it is now, and you dont like it or 5 other people dont like it cause “complicated rotation” doesnt mean the rework will be bad

So I wonder if the expurgation thing isn’t actually just meant for aoe though, you aoe boj applying mass expurgation, you judge which detonates the procs, boj again to re-apply, and divine toll which detonates again.

but yeah in ST that means we’re gonna poorly clip pandemic our expurgation a lot.

It doesn’t say that expurge is consumed, it just says you need to judge a target that has Expurg.

I also don’t think the procs will trigger from the AoE DT judgements, only from the main one but that’s me just guessing.

I wager the majority of the damage of the tier set is going to come from the proc and the echo skill, not Expurgate itself.

You can only proc it once, even if multiple targets have Expurgation and you have Blessed Champion, for some reason.

If that’s how it is they’re gonna need to change the wording because it doesn’t even hint at us needing to reapply expurg.

It also doesn’t make much sense either with the 2 set that increase the duration by 4 sec if it needs an additional application each time you got judgement up since you could get 2 judgement in a single Expurge at 10sec…

The only proccing once part can be explained by it having an internal cd.
Which sucks… our aoe dmg would have been so nice with aoe splashes, it’s once per minute for the aoe judgment, not like it would have deleted everything anyway.

I just tested this, the expurgation debuff doesn’t get deleted off of the target when judging.

You understood me wrong. I was talking about AoE triggering of Expurgations.

The debuff isn’t consumed when you proc it. You can have pretty much 100% uptime on it if you want.

Yeah, this I personally would consider a bug myself, but I don’t know how massively busted this would be in AoE, even if it’s capped at 5 targets.

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Just looking at the current talent tree unless you spec Furious Throns, Serrated Glavie (enemy hit by throw glavie takes more damamge form eye beam and chaos strike) , Accerlated blade and Soulrend, throw gliave alone doesn’t do much damage. But this will lock you into the right side of the spec tree (same with S1).

What players want other than getting rid of momentum is rework FoF. Is a terrible RNG it espeically bad if it proc right near the end of the mob you are fighting or when you need the extra heal it doesn’t proc and proc when you have full hp. Also make netherwalk baseline for HDH. Darkness also plague HDH defense CD is suppose to be a reliable not a “IT might reduce damage def CD)”. See how would Ret pally feels if your shield of vegence or DoP sometimes reduce damage you take but not 100% of the time? Yea it feels bad coz you can’t rely on it to reduce damage. Defense CD should never have RNG built into it and that is what darkness is. Then here is Blur. Ok it reduce 10% damage taken is decent but why does it also have a chance to doge attach? Unless you got aggro that dodge change is pretty useless in PvE. Why not change it something better.

I play both Ret and HD and ret feels miles better currently. You get range on your attack there are short def CD you can use, wings every min little to no RNG. You don’t have to dash all over the place to maintain a damage buff every few secs. Sure ret doesn’t scale as well with better gear and that is something blizzard need to look at but overall ret is in a better position then DH is after its rework.

Time will tell if DH rework will turn out good or bad.

this entire post is gonna age like milk

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The only one that’s really really bad is Prot because it’s antithetical to current encounter design of moving around alot, but fortunately there’s a lot of good feedback in the official thread about it.

I think the Holy tier is clever, and it helps explain some of the nerfs as having more Daybreaks offsets them.

Honestly, the Ret bonuses feel like what a tier set is supposed to be: a fun little interaction between talents that are already being used. Ret was already taking Expergation anyway, and this set bonus just gives us a rather neat interaction between the talent and other abilities.

This whole, “Well this particular talent isn’t being played much so lets create an entire tier set around this singular talent instead of properly balancing said talent to be on par with other talents being taken” is starting to get a little old. Enhancement and Elemental Shaman are good examples of this mentality. For both specs, the only builds that use Primordial Wave are the Fire/Elementalist specs. The Nature builds for both specs don’t run Primordial Wave because of talent constraints. Nature Enhancement runs the talents on the right side of the tree to make the build work, while PW is all the way over on the left side. Nature Elementalist doesn’t run PW because it only works with Lava Burst, and Lava Burst in the Nature build is almost never cast because Nature build doesn’t even take Lava Surge. But sure, lets force Nature Elemental to take PW and play a fire build because Blizzard is too lazy to let Elemental PW work with a Lightning Bolt like it does for Enhancement.

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There are some notes for this week for the ret set bonuses:



  • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Set Bonus – Divine Toll is now guaranteed to target at least one valid enemy with Expurgation.

  • Fixed a few targeting issues that caused Wrathful Sanction to trigger multiple times on one Judgment cast.

  • Fixed an issue causing unintentional Divine Purpose and Empyrean Power proc consumption.

ret set stilll cracks hard now we have confirmation of whats supposed to work with it and what isnt more direct and accurate calculations can begin

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Exactly, this clarifies stuff and we have bug fixes as well.