The new leveling

Just curious how is everybody else feeling about the new leveling experience. At first it sounded like an amazing way to get new characters straight into high level content but for some reason it isn’t jiving with me as much as I thought it would. All of the scaling seems weird and I feel like I’m missing a lot. I know we can choose to level somewhere else but the way it was actually felt way more organic than that even with the story being broken up. It was more of an adventure to reach those higher level zones maybe?

I am hoping the way I’m feeling about this is because the new zones aren’t available and I don’t have that to look forward too yet.


The nice thing is that they didn’t remove our ability to quest normally. So you can skip Timewalking Campaigns if you’d like. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s fast but there’s a lot of hiccups.

They make it hard to get people for group quests by denying us use of the looking for group tool and not letting us link quests in chat.

They send us to BfA at 10 but we can’t use any BfA crafted stuff like food until 45. Not to mention we have level 10 amounts of gold and BfA stuff still costs max level amounts of gold.

For monk, they give us training quests for spells we don’t get have.

It’s kind of a mess, but it’s kinda fun too.


Yeah that a good thing. Leveling has been the majority of my time spent in WoW for the last 3 expansions. It is what I’ve had the most fun in the game, going through the older stuff and meeting all these new players. It’s been really cool climbing through all the expansions and getting to do a little bit of everything. But I get to a certain level now and I enter bfa and it’s like I’ve just run into a wall. It’s like they have slashed away what made leveling sort of fun to me in the first place I guess. Eh but maybe it’s a good thing that will help me focus on the end game stuff this go around. If the end game isn’t better than it has been to me it might actually end up being my deal breaker. The new leveling system lol


The Time-Walking/Chromie leveling is wonky - but overall solid. I think there’s some serious bugs to work out with the scaling and rewards. Sometimes, adds will tickle you and then another zone or level and they’re ROFL-stomping you.
Overall, I feel a bit like you - I was totally hyped for new leveling and getting my Loremaster title from the zones I missed before I joined (Cata baby missing BC 'chieves.) But now I’m like ‘Meh,’
Overall, I think once kinks are ironed out it’ll be a lot nicer. I’m debating about stopping on the leveling of new alts in chromie-time til things are fixed.


I love the speed, but hate the heirloom changes. Pretty useless now tbh


I’ve been enjoying leveling on my alts. I tried playing a rogue through WoD (I’ve never played a rogue and I’ve never played WoD), but it was really rough going. I think I got to about level 27 before giving up.

Ended up making another hunter (trying survival this time) and am leveling through BFA and having a blast. I might make yet ANOTHER hunter (hey, it’s my favorite class!) to level through Legion since I have never done the hunter order hall stuff there.

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Not to dissuade you from your favorite class, but a fun class that doesn’t feel too squishy is shadow priest. They’ve been completely retuned and are great (I felt like) for beginner casting class.
Rogues are squishy rn and it makes me really miss First Aid as a profession. I hate that it is now tied with Tailoring.


I like the starting zones educating you on game basics.

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I’ve actually had a few guildies recommend the same thing. I might try it out. I’ve never played a priest either, and it’s one of those classes I just never think about.

its a flat experience with no ups and downs you just afk and watch netflix the whole time its poop


It’s a mess.

If they choose to back thru everything and clean it up, it might be good. But I hold little faith they will do this.

Personally, I am so frustrated I am taking a break.

That’s the scaling; same fight over and over and over again.

But I found it to already be like that.

(Facetious reply: try Storm Peaks and Deepholm; lot of ups and down :grin:.)


it’s okay i mean if you done the quests more then 3 times it’s stale af imho. only good thing about it is you can choose where you want to level instead of just being locked into certain areas until X level. we already had a poor mans version of chromie time before chromie time so really it’s just an improvement on that but basically same thing.

given yea if you care about questing im sure you done almost every single quest in the game already except the ones that were removed. but to me it doesn’t feel as good as say questing in Classic because leveling just feels more rewarding where as today in retail or for a while already they just hand you levels.

lots of mmorpg’s are like that today there are pro’s and cons to it

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Questing in wow has ALWAYS been a “you can do it while watching netflix” experience. Even in vanilla (2005) i watched tv while questing . So what for the group quests your attention was distracted for a bit but then right back to watching and questing.

And i enjoy leveling in the pre patch.

If I’m in Chromie Time, I can understand everything scaling with me. And, I’ve enjoyed being able to finish large areas of an expansion without leveling out of them.

But…why can I take a level 10 to WoD outside of Chromie Time and everything is still scaling with me? I should be slaughtered if that happens. There is no old style leveling where zones and monsters can be way higher level than you and that is disappointing.

So Chromie Time, mostly thumbs up. Non-CT is broken IMO.

but it wasnt a flat experience where you hit mobs for the same percentage of health at lvl 10 as you do at 49 because they scale with you. you dont get to feel powerful or weak because its the same fight over and over and over again. that’s a garbage feeling of no progression no matter how much crap they throw at you each lvl you get.


I gotcha , i agree with you on that.

Just finished leveling a character through mostly Outland(basically the grindiest way to do so at the moment) and it still leaves… something to be desired. I was kicked out halfway through Shadowmoon Valley, and I’m not sure I’ll be motivated to finish it with gray mobs that I can tear through like tissue paper.

It’s an improvement on what came before I guess, but it still feels like I’m doing it wrong by trying to have a leveling adventure instead of speedrunning.


That needs to be changed. Instead a popup should appear that asks if you want to leave Chromie time or stay.


Chromie time would be fine if it didn’t lock you into the chosen timelines dungeons.

Right now, no matter what timeline you choose the entire game scales 10-50 and you can level wherever you want.

But you can only queue for dungeons in the timeline you picked.

Which is dumb.

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