The New Leveling Experience And Heirlooms

Leading into Shadowlands, the leveling experience will undertake a complete rehaul – the current max level 120 will be squished down to level 50, a new introductory excursion that will teach you the fundamentals of the new character that you created, and a new starting experience that will allow you to select an expansion to level through and experience its full story.

Heirlooms and other experience gained bonuses were originally introduced as a quick fix for alts to not have to spend over 100 hours leveling. With the revamped leveling experience, you can look forward to reaching the new max level more than twice as fast than before. With the quicker leveling experience, the fundamental problem to the long leveling process has been solved and we found that the experience bonuses that come from Heirlooms were no longer necessary and instead, made the new leveling experience feel very awkward with the extra leveling speed.

We want to ensure that players’ investment in these Heirlooms continues to offer unique benefits while leveling, so we’re planning to replace the experience bonus on Heirlooms with unique Heirloom set bonuses.

  • (2) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%.
  • (3) Set: Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in the outdoors, normal dungeons and battlegrounds.
  • (4) Set: Gaining a level triggers Burst of Knowledge, dealing Holy damage to nearby enemies and granting you 40% primary stat for 2 minutes. Defeating additional enemies extends this effect, up to 2 additional minutes.
  • (6) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by an additional 30%.

The new set bonus can be obtained from all Heirloom pieces except weapons and trinkets. Please keep in mind that the new Heirloom set bonuses are a work in progress and may have additional changes during the course of development and testing.

There are a few other experience bonus items that will also see changes due to the new leveling experience. Monks Peak of Serenity Enlightenment buff will be changed to granting rested experience and Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, and Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning will become Poor quality and no longer usable. The Draught of Ten Lands will still retain the 10% experience bonus but will now be capped at level 50.

We hope that you look forward to the new leveling changes that introduces a faster and more flexible leveling experience than ever before.


I like the idea of the Heirloom set bonuses, having them swap from extra XP to extra power seems like a good tradeoff. However, the bonuses given seem kinda… underwhelming?

  • Rested XP will only affect someone so much and is basically negligible if you’re doing a long-ish gaming session.
  • Burst of Knowledge is interesting, but seems too short at the moment.
  • Out-of-combat regen seems… unnecessary, since using heirlooms you barely take any threatening damage anyways to have to eat between pulls. Something more interesting here would make more sense.

I like the set bonuses! With how fast wow leveling is going to be in Shadowlands its a decent trade off.

If you are someone who isn’t into heirlooms then getting drops from dungeons and raids could be exciting as well. So new players don’t feel like they are missing out.

I know we use heirlooms to level quicker but with for fast Shadowlands leveling is we don’t feel it as much. The only part that still kinda sucks is the gold we spent on these things. Still a good step in the right direction imo with these recent changes.


Replacements for XP bonus removal are very underwhelming…

  • Rested XP consumed reduction is useless if you have no rested XP… Instead may be make it so you accumulate rested XP much much faster…
  • Burst of Knowledge is too low duration to be worth it…
  • Increased regeneration? I’ve never felt I need it…

I’ve actually expected this to happen, Blizzard always finds a way to screw up…
Just keep XP bonus, it is fine…


Making rested experience last longer is a really cool idea, but I worry that it doesn’t do anything for people who start leveling a character as soon as they create them. Is there a way to grant rested XP faster? Maybe the 6-set bonus could be something like “Rested XP is accrued anywhere while out of combat”?


I don’t think these bonuses will preserve the investment in Heirloom gear. Quite frankly, the (2) and (6) bonuses will likely be all-but-unused for veteran characters given the short duration of the leveling experience. Those bonuses and the (4) set bonus feel like they are fighting with the design of the leveling revamp, as (4) in particular seems like it will encourage mob grinding over questing for the game’s story. I think it would be better if they gave more universally useful buffs like conditional movespeed increases, accepting/turning quests in from large distances, the ability to fulfill other roles in group finder while leveling, or storing exp to be used on other characters. (Similar to how the RaF system allowed players to grant levels to alts)


I’m not sure I’m sold on nominal power bonuses. As others have mentioned, they’re a bit underwhelming. The problem is that if they aren’t they start to feel mandatory, which also isn’t good. (As some people like dealing with gear progression while leveling, and that shouldn’t be taken away from them.)

When I think of the non-XP boost reasons I use heirlooms, it generally comes down to convenience. One and done transmog while leveling. Clicking the highest vendor value reward and moving on. So, I think I’d like to see some more utility-related stuff. As travel is a big one while leveling, I’m thinking stuff like faster flights, reduced hearthstone cooldown, the ability to use any (ground) mount at level 1 (instead of being stuck with the chauffeured mounts.) Heck, maybe somehow do a flight master whistle type ability to the higher set bonuses.


I’m not inherently opposed to replacing the experience buff on heirlooms, but the suggested effects don’t come close to justifying the difficulty of obtaining a full set of heirlooms.

Additional rested experience isn’t helpful when you’re trying to level quickly—doubling the tiny amount you get over a few days still isn’t a meaningful amount of rested experience.

The out-of-combat regeneration isn’t useful, because you can just keep food in your bags if you really need to replenish your health outside of combat.

Lastly, a short buff each level is just silly.

Consider that to get these heirlooms, players have spent hundreds of thousands of gold, won the fishing competition, grinded out the garrison shipyard, beaten the Brawler’s Guild in its entirety, etc.

Players have invested a great deal of time and gold into heirlooms under the expectation that they would be useful forever, and these are not a worthwhile reward for that.


Personally I like the set bonus system but bonuses may be a bit more useful, Rested Experience idea is really good, but it would be really nice if it would increase the Rested bar to fill up faster (after all AFAIK it has a 2 level limit, right?)

Burst of Knowledge is really nice too, but that 2+2 minutes is kind of short, 30+30 minutes at least would be a lot better and it would be a lot more motivating for players who keep playing for long durations.

Also OOC regen is quite useless, a solid stat boost would be more useful for every class.

With those, I would alter the bonuses like this:

  • (2) Set: Increases your Stamina by 5% and rested experience consumed is reduced by 50%.
  • (3) Set: Increases your Versatility by 3%.
  • (4) Set: Gaining a level triggers Burst of Knowledge, dealing Holy damage to nearby enemies and granting you 40% primary stat for 30 minutes. Defeating additional enemies extends this effect, up to 30 additional minutes and 60 minutes in total.
  • (6) Set: Increases your main stat by 6% and rested experience fills up 100% faster when you leave your character in a resting place.

Also, since it does not create a big gear difference anymore please introduce Heirloom items for all remaining slots, we do deserve them.

Thanks a lot in advance!


I like this change, the new pace for leveling in the beta negates any need for extra xp.

Big fan of set bonus on the gear as well, maybe a small movement speed increase would be a more appealing bonus than consuming rested expereince slower though. I could see the folks that decide to level a new character to do it over a weekend post 9.0 so rested xp will probably have a lot less value then it does on live.


Echoing many others’ sentiment.

Agree with the removal of direct leveling speed boost, but the new bonus as-is feel quite underwhelming. The (2) and (6) set bonus, in addition to likely being irrelevant for veteran players (who are the ones will have access to them in first place), also directly contradicts the philosophy of “not having heirloom provide direct leveling speed boost”.

Some suggestions:

  • Stat / dmg proc
  • Health / resource regen / CD reduction upon killing
  • Movement / mount speed boost
  • Shorter hearth CD
  • FLIGHT MASTER’S WHISTLE for Alts, imagine that

I personally think the bonuses seem a bit lackluster. When I level a character I usually do it in one sitting, the 2 and 6 piece bonus wont affect me then.

Also, what about the 8 and 10 piece bonus, why not include weapons and trinkets? We do have the ability to wear up to 11 heirlooms after all.

1 Head 2 Shoulder
3 Chest 4 Cloak
5 Pants 6 Main hand
7 Off hand 8 Garrison ring
9 Fishing Ring 10 Trinket
11 Trinket

Not worth the gold spent. Stuff I’d like to see:

  • Glider Function
  • A second Hearthstone (so I can have at 2 places at once)
  • Movementspeed outdoors
  • Rested Exp 24/7 (no AFKing needed, no need to wait half/1/4th of a 1-month gametime to play around the bonus)
  • double jump for all classes
  • Teleport (To main city? Or just teleport to X place like Ripple in space)
  • loot-a-rang
  • mountspeed increase
  • Flightwhistle
  • Short amount of fly-time (Like meteor + slowfall?)
  • Stealth
  • Burst of speed
  • Climb walls (…)
  • Teleport to dungeon entrence in any area where there is a Summon stone
  • Fishing provides EXP
  • Mass Summon (Have mount, will travel?)
  • Exit Combat-skill of some sort
  • AoE DMG + Healing spell once every 1min or something
  • NPC friend? Fights, Heals, Tanks for you? Or is a vendor/mailbox/bank?

Or maybe Double XP when turn-in on quests? Hm?

Anything besides what you currently give, cause all it does is:
1 - Make a char, AFK on it for 1+ week before even trying to level on it, otherwise Rested EXP is useless.
2 - That Holy-dmg burst is useless 100% cause you level on last bosses/end of dungeons or on quest turn in majority of the time, it’s also WAY too small of a buff in a too short time-span.
3 - Out of combat regen nobody needs cause we have food/water.

If I had the choice to buy the heirlooms in this state, I’d not have wasted 500k+ gold on it.
Nobody with any sort of gold/financial concerns would waste their time-earnt gold on this.

So please do make them at least SOMEWHAT interesting and useful, or how about FUN?, Cause what this is; is ridiculous.
Please do come up with something actually worthwhile or keep them as is…


Yes, the problems of leveling are gone with the new hey i don’t have to go from 1-120 and 1-50 to get to new content is faster. Are Heirlooms always going to be from 1-50 on Purchase? Currently, Heirloom items take a lot of gold or time investment to get and to upgrade them. Are these bonuses good enough for that time investment or is the Cost going to go down?

What benefit does Rested Exp give to a person that has time to level a character in one sitting? I currently don’t see a person that wants to level a new toon quickly and instantly getting any benefit from this set bonus.

Instead of Burst of Knowledge doing a buff for 2 minutes why not just have it be a permanent X% increase to primary stat that turns off at Max Level. I feel this type of change would more satisfy people that bought Heirlooms for Thousands of Gold over the years than a 2 minute buff that can be extended to only 4 minutes. 4 minutes isn’t a very long time especially when you may level when you’re in town and want to get up and get a drink or a snack and then you’re forced to log out just to save this buff.


I’d love to see movement increase, that would make the trade off from exp totally worth it for me.


xEleventy on the rested bonuses being somewhat underwhelming.

Might I suggest a stat or damage/healing bonus that only works outside (sorta like the class hall sets)?

This would help cover upgrade gaps on other slots since we may be leveling faster than gear drops, depending on our route.

And by only working outside, it wouldn’t promote kicking people without heirlooms from dungeon groups.


While the effect is interesting, I see some problems with it:

  • In my experience, gaining a level is something that most commonly happens when turning in a quest (because a quest turn in gives a lot more exp than a kill). That means it comes exactly when you are in fact not fighting, and a combat bonus therefore gets lost easily, especially an effect that only lasts for 2 minutes.
  • Also, leveling up is often the point where various things unlock, and you want to react to those newly unlocked features. That won’t take very much time usually, but still eats away from that short duration combat bonus
  • In summary: getting a bonus when leveling up is cool. That being a short duration combat bonus is less practical

With two set bonuses focusing on rested exp will there be any future changes to how quickly rested exp is accumulated?

5% of a level every 8 hours is not much to quickly burn through without a set bonus. There’s a good chance you might not even notice if your doing it 30 or 60% faster.

It’s an interesting change but I’d just like to see a bit more of an impact and some incentive.

Even if it were to cap at 1 level instead of 1.5 with some change I think that just having a purple bar to begin with is a good thing.


I’m afraid I’m underwhelmed with the set bonuses.

The rested xp is nice but when I start a new character I want to play it right away.

Furthermore, the burst of knowledge thing is really not very useful for people who level at the end of dungeons. It’s completely underwhelming.

None of this feels worth the tens of thousands of gold I spent on looms over the years.

I’d rather keep the xp buff because I’ve leveled almost 80 characters and if I decide to level more I’m going to want to get it done as quickly as possible.


A big draw of heirlooms was that the previous bonus was universal, it didn’t matter how you chose to level. Fast, slow, pet battles, battlegrounds, dungeons - every method benefited, you could level the way you wanted. These bonuses seem utterly worthless unless you intend to level a single specific way.

No rested xp - 2-set and 6-set do literally nothing
OoC regen - This isn’t classic, every class has enough healing to be self sufficient
2min main stat buff on level - Unless you’re grinding mobs you’re most likely to ding at either the end of a dungeon or turning in quests at a hub negating the whole purpose of the buff.

1% movement speed per heirloom would be more useful and interesting than the current proposed bonuses.

Also, I’m holding out hope that the old xp pots will vendor for a decent amount because it looks like I’m about to lose a ton of gold on all the ones I’ve been hoarding since no one is going to buy them now.