The Mythic Dungeon International is Back -- Live Today

Or the healing situation. We’re not going to see hpriests or MW monks, I’m sure. I’m actually wondering if it’ll be like all resto shams and hpals.

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No. Seriously, when are you guys going to do some m+ focused class balancing? I’m not watching this unbalanced mess. It will be no better than the AWC. Stop focusing on esports nonsense and fix your damn game.


I have 7 days left on my sub.


I haven’t paid attention to League in awhile. When I did, they seemed more hands on than the WoW team. Not a lot more, but enough to where it was noticeable.

The WoW team is inconsistent. Sometimes they have lots of hotfixes and in-patch reworks for some specs, other times it’s like…

Let’s wait and see…
6 months later
A couple of class changes


People misunderstand the use of this to hell.

Yes, there always needs to be a top/bottom.

The difference in power should not be massive gaps however


If only blizzard could be as willing to communicate with its players and community as Jagex is.

I’d be joining you but sadly I was gifted a year subscription from a friend.

Hope you have fun playing other games! I currently am. :slight_smile:

Currently on a last chapter of a fantasy game, flexing on potato-shaped short people.


The blues that do post here have probably been discouraged from pointing out glaring balance issues.


Im going to be honest the last time I watched the MDI was when the MoS cage bug happened and people were wiping in Seat. Event gets drawn out for too long to make a reason to watch.

You had 2 expansions where your dps was topping charts and now you have it in the case with DH tanks so oooo…

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Even if it wasn’t topping there still was a reason to bring them over other melee just so they could buff the actual busted caster specs.

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Havoc NEVER top the charts at anything. Find me a raid tier where havoc was dominate, go ahead. And during those tier VDH was without a doubt, not the top tier tank. And it can be a top tier tank now because Havoc is near bottom tier as DPS.

So is Blizzard realizing how poorly thought out the AoE caps are thanks to this MDI, or will it take them until 9.3 to admit it was a mistake?

This is where all of the developer time was sunk into, folks. Drink in this over-sold, competitive hype while you toil away in Torghast or languish in empty zones for professions that are completely worthless.


Reading these threads will be more entertaining than the MDI will ever be.


No, they’ll stay on the AE cap hill until 10.0 at least.

A fundamental change like that doesn’t get reverted mid xpac, especially with encounters designed around it.

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Damn, a 15 minute clear…

Im eating ramen at work and almost spat out what I sipping on when I heard someone comment on “seeing meta/class changes” lmao ok buddy

Why is it only on YouTube?

Did Blizzard give up on trying to broadcast on Twitch?