The Mythic Dungeon International is Back -- Live Today

What I find strange is that they use three affixes instead of the full four and they only do 18+ will the difficulty increase as they go along or is this static?

They only list the 3 affixes that can rotate, because Prideful is always the last affix.
Pretty sure the difficulty is static at +18.

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i think if the teams were more diverse, it would be alot more interesting to watch!

I remember watching MDI a year back or maybe the first year it was out (idr) but atleast one team came out with something alot different than the other teams. That was interesting. Even though i think they lost (IDR)!

I just think it sends the message to non-wow players… if you want to do this (MDI) this is the only way you can possibly do it (by playing x-class/race/spec) otherwise it wont happen.

Think there should be a rule of 1 race 1 spec per team or atleast 2 race / 1 spec per team
–NE-tank /NE heals /human fire mage /human hunter mm dwarf monk ww (just an example but its a bit more diverse)

I did watch mdi yesterday so i still have all the teams stuck in my head lol… but the mdi itself just lacks any sense of adventure and ooohhh ahhh moments because its alot of the same repeatedly. One team just ends up doing it way better (even if they all die a gazzilion times lol)

Yeah it ended up just like their Overwatch league…
2 identical teams doing the exact same thing over and over.

@Blizzard E-Sports: Please don’t do this.

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What an embarrassment the MDI is this year lmao.
Disappointed in you Blizzard. So, so disappointed.

tried to watch it and got sleep , boring watching the same thing on 2 screens .

Class tunning is on hold for this crap.

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oh man, it’s so fun to watch two identical (or virtually identical) comps, featuring the same 4-5 classes, run the instance exactly (or virtually exactly) the same as the other every single time.

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

Here’s hoping that first abom from the mini gauntlet on the third boss of Necrotic Wake falls out of the necropolis and brings a few packs up from the ground with it for at least one of the MDI runs.

Maybe then Blizzard will get around to fixing that bug.


just watched 10seconds of it.
got bored, closed the window.
…let’s watch people do what you can do in a dungeon… .wow… yawn.

that happened to me first time , i think it because some1 released or something , there were 3 mobs on the spawn than instankilled him lol , then after a while the abom spawned up , and then 1 after another the 3 mobs …depleted key ofc.

LOL It’s been up for over a day with 200+ comments, and the blue post only has 3 likes.

That’s when you know players opinion on crap like this.

Oh joy a multiple month competitive tourney few care about, that solidifies crap balance for 99.99999% of players! How could people ever dislike this!?!

Edit:Also yeah, it would have been actually entertaining if players couldn’t min-max every aspect for every run. See how they adapt when given different class mixes to use to conquer the dungeon. Watching 2 identical teams use the exact same strat in the exact same dungeon at the same time, on 2 screens ---- noooot exactly entertaining.


Cup 1 Day 1 VOD
Cup 2 Day 2 VOD


Did y’all have to draw straws to decide who got thrown into the snake pit that is this thread?


Poor Kaivax being thrown to the wolves.

Cool can’t wait to watch all the warlocks and how they handle things… lol

Yes… I think no spec has been selected once on the lok side. If there was class diversity it may grab my interest. But there isn’t. Why would I watch this when no one will pick my crappy class?

The Mythic Dungeon International is a joke. @Kaivax read half the comments in this post and you can see we are unhappy we are with how unbalanced the classes are in the game right now and a lot of work needs to be done to balance it more before any event like this happens.


Here it is folks, the only thing besides Arena Championships and subs that blizzard really cares about… I’m honestly surprised they don’t have a Mythic Raiding E-Sports event either… flame me and flag away, you know you want to… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Funny, I don’t see too many Worgens here, more like they’re being thrown to the foxes and pandas… either way, Kaivax is being thrown to the furries…

Add Kyrian VDH as tank and Night Fae Boomkin as 3rd DPS, yup that’s pretty much the M+ comp too… and it’s a night / day difference between Kyrian and any other covenant for DH, I’m almost tempted to switch covenants once I get above Renown 36 because I’m already done with the Venthyr campaign, and Brand + Door is so lackluster for all content right now… at least it’s not Fodder + Fleshcraft though… I am NOT looking forward to grinding all that Renown again if I do switch…

This will be the expansion that turns me into a PUG raider, or I’ll just stay at a yee-yee @$$ 200-ish iLVL until 9.1, if I even stick around at all… my guild is already dead and my friends list is only 5/57 online regularly…

There’s a HUGE chance come 9.1 that I’ll be uninstalling and hopping back to SW:TOR for the first time in 5+ years, at least until 9.3, IF Blizzard doesn’t get their act together FAST…

Sweet. Sleeping aids right on schedule.