The MW PVP damage nerfs are ridiculous

Like what the heck, it’s not like our damage was good to begin with, and being in melee is already suicide for battlegrounds. Just rubbing salt on the wound, aren’t you Blizzard?

Wow…. I was excited to heal for the first Time ever and fistweave. Guess this was a good thing to not even waste my time.

Smh Blizz.

To be clear, the nerfs were just to PVP damage, so you still might have a good time in PVE.

Unfortunately, I’m going to really only pvp as fistweaver. :frowning:

There’s your problem.

PvP balance will always be primarily based around 3v3. Unfortunately every big name streamer who has blizzards ear has been whining incessantly about fistweaver.

I want to test it, but the buffs to healing output for Fistweaver should balance out the lack of damage. I think you will still have the same healing, just less DPS.

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Fistweaver is fun :star_struck: