The maw is bad guys, really really bad

I’m sorry, this is completely unrrelated but this is the first thing i thought when i read the title :rofl:

So much for all the people defending it with “well, you can get Stygia in Torghast too, you know, so shut up about the Maw.”

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Blizzard intentionally make the game and game systems grindy as a way to control and cater to player behaviour.
By week 8-12 after the launch Stygia drops will be buffed, many QOL improvements will be made and many “catch up” tuning adjustments will be made.

edit: The days where you can grind out ahead of the pack and coast on your lead are long gone.

I don’t get this zone at all. They make this 5 star system but then give you a way to hearth out? What’s the point of that? Why not just use a timer/clock If that’s all it is.

So it’s just a big grind zone for drops like you’re back in classic endlessly farming for Zheva hooves? Truly is wow hell.

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Yes but some Zhevras are elite! Exciting!

Heh yeah, that defense kinda dead in the water.

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I’ll call you Big Chicken now.

Chik fil A is awesome.

Eat more chicken.

Save the Tauren! Save Azeroth.

:hugs: :chicken: :point_left:

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You’re surprised ? The guy saying “but it drops in Torghast!” was in for a rude awakening.

No way they were going to make their “signature” zone be completely bypassable.


Good ol’ ActiBlizzard never fails to fail. Shadowlands is going to be FUBAR if they continue down this road.


It’s a shame they didn’t also make their “signature” zone good.

Playing a hell-themed zone should not actually feel like we’re in hell.

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According to a lot of the special folks on these forums it’s supposed to be a miserable zone to play in, because ya know, everyone wants to spend time grinding in a zone that literally makes you want to /wrists. Definitely good for subscriber numbers.

Anyone else remember when this game had 12+ million subscribers and Blizzard wasn’t trying to sabotage their own game? The good ol’ days.


To be fair, it should, but in a good way :

Yea but that is fun and we just can’t have any of that around here.

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I just really don’t understand how the same team that gave us Suramar gave us this. I died so much in Suramar. I overpulled, I got lost in the city streets, I loathed that zone for making me face my own inadequacies and I freaking loved every minute of it. Blizzard didn’t need to bribe me into Suramar with zone-specific loot.

Similarly, I’ve been leveling toons in Northrend and even Cataclysm while working on Loremaster, and finding stories I’m looking forward to playing through again. I can’t say that about anything in BfA or even Legion, though I enjoyed Legion at the time.

Exactly. It might be punishing content, but it shouldn’t feel like we’re actually BEING PUNISHED.


Because whiny players complained it was hard to stay in costume.

Whenever I play hellish landscapes, I like to feel like I’m the one doing the punishing. Darksiders 1 was a great game. So were Doom and Doom Eternal.

Hellish, done right (with the demons cowering in fear).

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That big huge button on your screen was quite taxing to press every once in a while.

It’s a grind with rng. An intense grind. hm.

  • OP, ty for the videos. I have a much better idea of what you were talking about now.

Glad it could help! I couldn’t really find anywhere that concisely wrapped up what each threat did and the overall feel for it.

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I take it that you can enter the Maw with Warmode on?

You can, yes.