The maw is bad guys, really really bad

I think they had grand ideas about what to do with the maw but ultimately they ran out of development time and thus it will be WoD’s Tanaan Jungle - only they’ll let us go there with nothing to do (It was supposed to be release content) instead of making it a patch zone.


I mean, they literally said at blizzcon that the maw would be barren and have very few quests at the start (and dangerous, but nothing in the world can really be dangerous)

There used to be SOME things, but people threw hissy fits and got those ideas scrapped.

Hmm so they want us in there but not for long, and they want us to farm whatever but are happy to snatch it away just as fast. Yeah I give it 24 hours till a revolt happens.


The maw is intertwined in the story though?

Either involve it or don’t.

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Barely, I think the plan is though to build up to a final raid there

I feel like the final raid will be in an unexpected place.

That seems to have been the theme of the last two expansions. Fighting one place then BOOM Argus, or BOOM Ny’alotha.

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It’s a boost to the devs’ egos if they “get us” with a story twist. Even if, like the Sylvanas “twist”, players predicted it en-mass at the start of the expansion.


To be honest, I would not enjoy your ideal
Maw. I don’t want to form groups every day to farm a basic power resource. Most of the times I play I have to be able to get up suddenly. If it happens and I screw myself over, oh well, that sucks for me. But if I screw over a group then I’m a jerk.

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It WILL get NERFED I say (pool anyone?) 2 weeks after launch, due to community outcry and lack of play through. I have already applied for my vacation as always at a launch, and plan on level to cap in a single session on my main then make my farmer gatherers.

Rip. That is dumb as f.

It’s quite silly, yeah.

Bad news guys


Not surprised.

The pushback to this will be epic though LMAO. :hugs: :point_left: :popcorn:


I agree with your comment on that thread, at least echoes were farmable in all forms of content.

Arena players got it from arena, M+ people got it from m+ and raiders got it from raid.

Stygia is from a daily zone and that’s it :rofl:

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If their goal was to unite M+, raiders and PVP players they have succeeded.

Incoming boycott of the MAW.


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The Maw is supposed to be inhospitable in basically every way possible. We’re not just supposed to lounge around in it like we did on Argus.

Oh good I get to do FF14’s Eureka again…joy.

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And…that sums up how barren systemlands endgame truly is. They are scared people would stop playing the game if they are not forced to go into the maw.


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Yeah there is basically no scary part in it at all currently, and this is being done in the equivalent of LFR gear.

What happens when we actually get decent gear?


Having an upgrade sitting in your bag is not cool. People will quickly compare it to azerite armor situation.

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