The maw is bad guys, really really bad

That may not be the only way at launch, they did initially say it would be based on ilvl, they could have both systems.

Sure, if it’s not maybe they should release the other ways soon considering launch is in officially in one month?

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The thing is, if your BiS conduit is PvP and its based on ilvl and you need 2400 to get it to max efficacity, but you’re not a PvPer, the item off the vendor will be the only way to upgrade it.

But since that upgrades your lowest conduit, it’s gonna be a long grind.

One month is still a long time honestly, usually they’re basically locked down when prepatch is coming out, but they’re free to work on beta this time.

Conduits drop from multiple sources according to the post, you won’t just have one from only pvp.

Legendaries though, those are one source only.

They fact they split off 9.0.2 to keep making major changes to Shadowlands so close to launch should tell you how much this won’t have Blizzard polish.

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Or, get this, they finally listened to people and stopped just going into “tuning phase” the last month of beta.

Blizzard literally cannot win, they lock it down and go into tuning “but these classes still need changes!!!”, they keep making changes and adding things “blizzard isn’t finished, it’s going to be crap!!!”

Back in the olden times they used to make changes and add/remove abilities all through the expansion even.

I have no idea where this comes from, so much of the expansion isn’t ready.

PvP is a ghost town because it’s one shot after one shot.

Yeah, they pushed that back out to live or something, because nothing is tuned in Beta and they barely just finally touched Covenants this week and by far it wasn’t close to enough fixes.

Or they just aren’t ready this time ?

Well yes, since they aren’t tuning and still aren’t done with changes.

They didn’t commit to shipping something until it was ready. It seems they forgot to do that with SL. Not like Ny’alotha was dragging on.

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PvP is a joke in this game regardless

There’s literally tuning happening every damn beta patch.

You people just need to quit the damn game, you obviously don’t like where its going. Let those of us who still enjoy it enjoy it.

Good argument. I don’t get why you’d run defense for Blizzard, who are obviously rushing this expansion out, and it’s going to be a pain train until 9.1 or 9.2. Worse than BfA/Legion ever were.


Your opinion on PvP doesn’t mean the game should be released with an absolutely broken experience for a group of players.


The Maw will be the most hated zone ever in WoW.


This is spot on.


Small changes to numbers here or there isn’t tuning. The classes and specs are far from tuned. They have yet to do a comprehensive tuning pass, and since they keep changing classes and specs, tuning will always be out of wack until they freeze it and balance it.

Again I ask : why defend Blizzard. They’re obviously rushing this. The very fact they split off SL dev to a different minor patch indicates that they needed more time. Heck, the prepatch only being 3 weeks indicates they are crunching hard and the deadline was too optimistic.


I don’t think they’re rushing it at all, I think the launch will be awesome.

I have been playing beta for months and have enjoyed every second of it and personally cannot wait for the 26th.

This is absolutely an unpopular opinion, as long as you’re aware.

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More like the MAU.


I see about 50/50 on it on these forums. It’s definitely a topic that you’re either for or against.

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