The maw is bad guys, really really bad

Because you can’t mount, and there’s nothing filling that space.

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I could mount in timeless isle, I was only there for one patch, it wasn’t gigantic and was filled of things to do.

I don’t even expect them to do anything with the maw, I’m not advocating for a change or anything. I just needed to share how bad i thought it was.


I played the Maw and I respectfully disagree. It’s exciting, a little terrifying, urgent, dangerous, and feels like I’m actually in hell.


Which content was it most similar to? There had to be some progression.

  • Nazjatar
  • Mechagon Island
  • N’zoth Assaults

Would love for you to elaborate on that.

I’m not attacking you for your opinion I would just really like you to expand on why you thought it was exciting and ‘terrifying, urgent, dangerous’

I ran around if for about 3 hours and was in 0 danger the entire time. I was in no urgency to do anything.


No mounting sounds interesting to me, gonna be some creative ways of getting around and no escape for those in Warmode, except a rested area to toggle it off >>

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I actually have no idea what to compare it with, I enjoyed Nazjatar, Mechagon and assaults (for the most part)

There are NPCs you can kill and yoink their mount for 30 or 60 seconds.


For sure. The eye of the jailer makes me feel like I’m in a constant hurry, or constantly being ushered towards doom. It makes every step and action I take more meaningful since I’m limited on time. Additionally, all of the cliffs and ragged edges full of monsters that I have to try and sneak past to avoid attention makes me feel stealthy.

Don’t forget no flight whistles and you are punished if you stay too long. :+1: :100:


GTA comes to WoW? Nice!

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The maw is very boring to me!

What do you mean stay too long? What if I’m having fun?

Here we go.

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BlizZard will not allow you to have fun and stay long LMAO.

Time gating zone content. A new low!

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I’m not sure I can relate to this unfortunately, you don’t even need to kill mobs to free souls they are that unthreatening and releasing the souls can’t be interrupted - Only opening the gate.

I ran around and nothing was even remotely close to dangerous to me.


  1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

" Timbaeslice views are highly subjective"


Rets better tune up their wheel chairs or else it is going to be a looooooooooooooong expansion.

:wheelchair: :wheelchair: :wheelchair:


You’re right, but to get from place to place, I do like farming the large rares.

Do you want a disclaimer that it’s my opinion? I can put one there if it makes it more obvious for you but I don’t know why you couldn’t pick up from reading the post.