The maw is bad guys, really really bad

It’s a boost to the devs’ egos if they “get us” with a story twist. Even if, like the Sylvanas “twist”, players predicted it en-mass at the start of the expansion.


To be honest, I would not enjoy your ideal
Maw. I don’t want to form groups every day to farm a basic power resource. Most of the times I play I have to be able to get up suddenly. If it happens and I screw myself over, oh well, that sucks for me. But if I screw over a group then I’m a jerk.

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It WILL get NERFED I say (pool anyone?) 2 weeks after launch, due to community outcry and lack of play through. I have already applied for my vacation as always at a launch, and plan on level to cap in a single session on my main then make my farmer gatherers.

Rip. That is dumb as f.

It’s quite silly, yeah.

Bad news guys


Not surprised.

The pushback to this will be epic though LMAO. :hugs: :point_left: :popcorn:


I agree with your comment on that thread, at least echoes were farmable in all forms of content.

Arena players got it from arena, M+ people got it from m+ and raiders got it from raid.

Stygia is from a daily zone and that’s it :rofl:

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If their goal was to unite M+, raiders and PVP players they have succeeded.

Incoming boycott of the MAW.


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The Maw is supposed to be inhospitable in basically every way possible. We’re not just supposed to lounge around in it like we did on Argus.

Oh good I get to do FF14’s Eureka again…joy.

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And…that sums up how barren systemlands endgame truly is. They are scared people would stop playing the game if they are not forced to go into the maw.


:woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Yeah there is basically no scary part in it at all currently, and this is being done in the equivalent of LFR gear.

What happens when we actually get decent gear?


Having an upgrade sitting in your bag is not cool. People will quickly compare it to azerite armor situation.

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I’m sorry, this is completely unrrelated but this is the first thing i thought when i read the title :rofl:

So much for all the people defending it with “well, you can get Stygia in Torghast too, you know, so shut up about the Maw.”

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Blizzard intentionally make the game and game systems grindy as a way to control and cater to player behaviour.
By week 8-12 after the launch Stygia drops will be buffed, many QOL improvements will be made and many “catch up” tuning adjustments will be made.

edit: The days where you can grind out ahead of the pack and coast on your lead are long gone.

I don’t get this zone at all. They make this 5 star system but then give you a way to hearth out? What’s the point of that? Why not just use a timer/clock If that’s all it is.

So it’s just a big grind zone for drops like you’re back in classic endlessly farming for Zheva hooves? Truly is wow hell.

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Yes but some Zhevras are elite! Exciting!

Heh yeah, that defense kinda dead in the water.

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I’ll call you Big Chicken now.