The maw is bad guys, really really bad

Edit: This post was made months ago but the Maw is still terrible.

:fire::cloud_with_lightning::sun_behind_large_cloud: THE FOLLOWING IS AN OPINION OF MINE AND MINE ONLY :sun_behind_large_cloud::cloud_with_lightning::fire:

Guys, It’s just so bad I don’t even know.

The thought of having to spend the next two years here grinding sockets and/or conduits(if this is the only way to upgrade them, it currently is) out is a tough pill the swallow.

If you don’t know what the Maw is think of it as like a Timeless isle that we’re going to spend all expansion on, with way less density of things to do and no mounts. You just kinda run around killing monsters in this huge empty zone.

Mates, it’s gonna be a wild ride this expansion strap on in. Only the strongest are going to survive.

If anyone has done the maw and has anything positive to say about it please let me know maybe I’m stuck in the cynical lane and can’t find the exit.

Update 1 They are adding two special mounts for the Maw, this improves the zone dramatically but still has serious problems

Update 2 Blizzard have made a blue post saying they are removing the stygia repeat gains from twisting corridors which means more time in the maw.


According to you everything is bad…



That’s not true, I think essences were cool and covenants as an idea are awesome.

The zones are beautiful and the raid is going to be sweet.

I’ve made an easy guide of things I’ve disliked in the game recently and in the beta:

  1. No azerite vendor (was fixed)
  2. No account bound essences (was fixed)
  3. No corruption vendor (was fixed)
  4. Visions after like week 3
  5. Island expeditions
  6. Powers being locked behind covenants.
  7. Conduits having a week cooldown
  8. Warfronts were sucky

If you see doom and gloom everywhere its hard to turn off. Ill reserve judgment when i experience it.


I for one am 99% thrilled about SL, but OP has a point - from what I’ve seen,
The Maw is a big empty wasteland, with things few and far between; i hope they make it more denser with mobs & quest targets, I totally agree on this one.


I went down there briefly and it wasn’t too bad. Reminded me of the DH starting zone. It was kinda chill

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I was one of those “anti flying” players that supported no flying in WoD and support the Pathfinder game. So the no mounts thing really doesnt bother me.


I really hope someone has a take that I’ve been unable to see.

But it’s not just flying mounts, it’s no ground mounts either.

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I know. I just said that.


RIP peeps with zero mobility.


Not gonna lie, I had a blast in Timeless Isle. Killing anyone and everyone with friends, making rivalries/enemies. Finding groups in that zone instead of LFG, haven’t had a WoW social experience since Timeless Isle.


Yeah for real, felt slow even as a shaman who had ghost wolf.

I loved Timeless Isle, but it only lasted 1 patch and was very small and condensed.

The maw is GIGANTIC.


You can nerf my leech, you can nerf my blade dance, but ye can’t nerf ma DH WINGS!!!


Wait, isn’t dense zones one of the common complaints??


I bet you thought island expeditions and warfronts sucked too. Lol




I think they did.


God absolutely.

Honestly the only good thing I’ve seen relating to the maw so far.

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If the Maw is like Timeless Isle but bigger, why is that an issue?

Your post reminds me of a YouTube video lol. GUYS YOU WONT BELIEVE WHATS WRONG WITH THE MAW!!!

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