The level squish

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And if they do readjust the time it takes to reach the level cap, they can do that more easily without dealing with the squish as well.


Do you really think if they do a squish it’s gonna take the same amount of time from 1-60 as it is now. Come on now…

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If they readjust how long it takes to level up, that would be a separate change from the squish. The squish itself is just readjusting how many levels there are.

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Oh course not, I’m more saying it might even take longer to get to 60 than it does to get to 120 right now. But again, we don’t know since all we have to base anything on is a screenshot of a survey.

(Rhielle) #23

Some Q&A somewhere said that they wouldn’t change the length of time it would take if they did a squish, but would “see how it goes,” basically.

Yes. They don’t want you rushing through levels. And basically said as much.

Some people seem to think changing a number somehow solves the problem of leveling being boring. It doesn’t. The craptastic talent system is the issue. That’s what needs fixed. Not some number that won’t change anything.

As I said: a band aid on the knee for a broken hip.

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Yeah this is more what I’m trying to say, I don’t want it to be like… complete a whole zone and maybe get half a level.


Again. We know nothing about the system other than it’s happening. We don’t know the changes to experience, talents, and things like that. Assuming they make this change in the next expansion, we could see huge changes to make this change worthwhile due to a revision of classes and the talent system, as well as leveling quests, too.

We shouldn’t be quick to assume. Sorta annoying tbh.

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10 smashburger

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The amount of time they’d spend on trying to squish levels and screwing it all up like they did with scaling… no, they won’t spend time on the talent system.

I’d rather they stopped screwing around with stupid numbers and started paying some attention to their ages old talent system that doesn’t work in its current state. That should be their focus. Not some perceived issue some people have with large numbers.

(Cantz) #28

Don’t think it really matters what style of talent tree we get, at the end of the day any of them will have cookie cutter builds.


It’s all about subscription numbers to them. If it gets them more subs, they’ll do it.

Either way, even though 7.3.5 was probably one of the craziest patches because of scaling, this is literally just cutting levels in half, and if they choose to integrate it into an expansion, then that can be a part of the whole thing.

With scaling, they had to make it so every mob could scale from a certain number to an even higher number, and with that came XP pools, health pools, mana stuff, damage dealt, etc. And they had to do the same thing with quests.

If they half the levels, they just need to half each level a mob is capable of being. If they want to speed up experience gained, they can do that pretty simply with a generalized multiplier. It’s much less complex than what was done in 7.3.5, which, by the way, I’m not a fan of.

(Rhielle) #30

That’s not the issue. The issue is lack of any interesting or engaging gains as we level. Our ability path shouldn’t be some icons buried at the back of a spellbook. It should be up front, in our face, with pop ups to show what we’ve gained on our screen.

We should have a mix of interesting stuff to choose from. I proposed something similar to Old Republic: ability path clear as day in the middle, left side being our talent points, right side being like their utility points, but using our Azerite traits. So at major talent point level gains, switch off: a talent then a trait, back and forth as we level.

I don’t see how it would. I know quite a lot who will quit if they squish. And I know a lot of others who joined or want to join this game because it has so many levels and makes it look like a ton of content for their money. So it’s going to be a mix of both sides of that spectrum.

But trying to shove 15years and 7 expansions into roughly half the levels is a stupid idea, imo.

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Unless you are using some custom UI thats hiding it… the game actually does do this, even does it when you have unlocked a new dungeon. I reckon it just fades away too quick before even realizing what happened.

(Rhielle) #32

I get chat messages. That’s it. I have no UI that hides pop ups.

And that’s still only a small part of what I said…

The ability path shouldn’t be buried in a spellbook.


Compared to this:

I’d rather be able to open up my talent tree and see my ability path as a clear path highlighting what I’ll be getting, rather than having to sift through a spellbook to the back to find it.

Up front and in our face to see what we have to look forward to, make it exciting, actually see what we will be gaining.

(Cantz) #33

Oh thats completely different to what I thought you were talking about, I was talking about the thing that pops up in the middle of your screen saying you leveled, then that fades out then a list of things you just unlocked fades in.

I do agree the spellbook itself needs work. They kind of have the system, but could do without the multiple pages somehow.

(Rhielle) #34

Which that’s part of it. And is helpful. But I’d like to see that path laid out for us and a better representationto really see what we have to look forward to.

And then put talent points on one side, Azerite trait points (to work like their utility points) on the other side.

So we’d get our normal talents to choose from and then traits wouldn’t go to waste after this expansion ends. They could be added in as minor traits to choose from to make it more fun and interesting and give us more to choose from without bloating the actual talent points.

(Apologies for the "to choose from"s being so prevalent. I’m working on two hours of sleep. LOL)

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You have 2 points available :astonished:

(Rhielle) #36

LOL Yarp. I think there’s like 10ish points or something now in Old Republic? Which, for us and the amount of traits, that’d obviously be different.

(Rhielle) #37

And you don’t have to choose in every single section either. You have to put so many into the first section to unlock the next section. (I think it’s 2.) And then the same with the second section. But after that, you can put points into the third or fourth or first or second, depending on what you want.

So it can look like this:

Or even this:

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I tried out the game once, was more of a on the side thing to WoW, can’t remember what level it was but I got hit by the “you now gain reduced exp” or something. Just that msg turned me away.

Not even sure if thats still a thing, been a very long time.