The Legion Timewalking Event is Ending Soon

The Legion Timewalking Event is Ending Soon

Travel back in time to rediscover Legion dungeons, the challenge of the Mage Tower, and more. This event will be active through January 3.

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Legion dungeons were some of the best. Can’t wait.

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Great stuff. Now only if we can get a date on the patch that would be terrific.

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  • A Mount—Favor of the Val’sharah Hippogryph

This mount is so VERY disapointing. Timewalking coins are valuable. To give us a recolour is a… dare I say it… a slap in the face.


Lokath wuz here

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So whens the “We hired a dev who cares about DKs” preview?

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Looking forward to some DHT ahhhhh yeaaaaa

About Bonus Events

Bonus Events occur on a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays.

Timewalking events shouldn’t be part of that rotation, keep one timewalking every week available or check on this topic, we’ve a game with pvp bonus, pve bonus, side game bonus like pet battles and world content bonus that doesn’t appeal to a wide spread population each week, you must change the rotation and the events now.


Why are you guys so stingy with timewalking. Once every 18 weeks? What kind of pathetic content release is that. Let us queue for these every time there’s a timewalking event. Unlock all timewalking all the time to help people leveling. Do better.


How is it there is no Stormheim dungeons?

Timewalking should at the very least be one week of the month and be ALL expansions so we can choose.

I bet a lot more people would continue playing or come back if they did that.


Glad to see Legion Timewalking finally coming out with the release of this upcoming patch. Definitely going to be buying the new Timewalking mount since I’m a mount collector in-game.

Also looking forward to checking out the Mage Tower as I never got around to that when Legion was the current expansion.

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By chance is this Timewalker loot also going to be useless for end content or are they going to actually scale it to be useful at all?

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Yay new content (genuinely good and looking forward to it especially m+) one week every 4 months Come on blizz you are having a laugh. How can you have something so good and screw it up so badly


For reals…would’ve much rather seen MoS or HoV than Vault :frowning:

goodjob i wanna go in it

So…no Stormheim dungeons and the reward chest gives normal mode loot…

Stormheim would have at least been fun; Court was hot garbage even when it was current, but it what it is. However, normal SoD loot? Really?

Good job. People will run it one week for the nostalgia, and then not bother with it again because the chest is garbage. I know it’s a stretch for the devs to do anything more than recolor something and change /silly voicelines, but you could at least match the reward to the player’s ilvl. In mostly normal difficulty ilvl stuff? You get normal SoD loot. In mostly heroic gear? You get heroic SoD loot. It’s not rocket surgery.

So, we can run a Legion TW as a sub for an SL M+ up M+10? So, on Legion TW week, we almost double the number of M+ we can run? That can help mix up the M+ grind.

Timewalking needs to occur more frequently! Mage Tower three times a year doesn’t cut it.

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so glad it took Blizzard three years to implement my suggestion about M+ TW