The Hunt vs TRoar

Both have the same CD, if talented, Troar has 1m cd. Troar does easily 20% of a warriors damage on a boss without being talented, The Hunt does 5%.

Buff The Hunt by 400%, initial and dot. Thank you.


Kind of necroing an 18d old post, but i just saw this. Came back after a long break and surprised to see The Hunt not really doing a ton of damage. I mainly PVP, but for example my hunt crit for 90k the other day. Same day I had a monk RSK (rising sun kick) me for 189k. Hunt hits for the same roughly as a big mortal strike, but its on 1.5m cooldown. Bit lopsided to me.


Nerfed in PvP. Super fast cast allowing you to fake cast and get defensive CDs. Once those CDs were gone it was basically one shotting from like 50% health pre nerf.

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I haven’t had the need to fake cast since i’ve come back. It doesnt hit hard enough for people to care anymore i suspect. I had a non crit for 62k the other day ROFL. 1.5m cooldown and a capstone talent to hit for 62k. what a joke The Hunt is now.


Are you talking about live or on the ptr? It was buffed on the ptr and seems to be hitting quite a bit harder since it was buffed.

Talking about live. I haven’t been on the PTR. Thats good news though, i’m glad to hear it.

In its current form, it hits less than mortal strike. Imagine if MS was on a 1.5m cooldown. Or Rising Sun Kick for that matter.