The Horde Leaders Are Kinda Pitiful Now


Power Levels exist on an As-Needed basis. That said, I’m not particularly thrilled that Nathanos escapes from a literally God-Tier Tyrande like it’s nothing, but apparently gets beaten easily by Jaina’s elemental, not even Jaina herself.

(Edit): Seriously though, next time Tyrande may as well toss an Orc Head at Jaina’s feet and ask for Jaina to cast Arcane Power on her. This is just depressing.


I suppose this is the Warbringer’s expac. Sylvanas, Jaina and Azshara. Azshara has always been ridiculously overpowered, and this expansion has been blowing up the power levels of the former two. I bet the end of this expansion you will have Sylvanas and Jaina teaming up to take down Azshara. Then Tyrande takes over the role of Azshara cause there must always be a Naga Queen.


Eeeeh, that may be a Little bit of reaching.
On the KJ fight on ToS, both Velen and Illidan were figthing and dealing 0 damage to some random demons as well.

Game mechanics and all.

(Okagha) #10

It’s mostly just game mechanics. It’s difficult to have NPCs help in raids. If we judge off what they do in raids then Khadgar is much weaker than the player. There’s also times where NPCs are just sitting around watching the players fight bosses, but I’m sure they actually helped.

(Anyaceltica) #11

Jaina is a prime example of the poor usage of a powerful character.

(Zerde) #13

Oh please, as I recall it back in SoO, Jaina, Varian and Vereesa were doing negligible damage to help us during the Galakras fight. Hell, they could even DIE from the trash mobs if we dont help them!

Gameplay=/=lore Face it, they dont damage because they were not suppose to help us at all during the fight.

(Belandas) #14

Well, it took the combined efforts of Anduin, Greymane, Alleria and Jaina with a small Alliance army to defeat Saurfang, a single elderly orc warrior, and that was after a very intense fight.


Well, Alliance leaders have always been pitiful.

That’s why the Alliance is given moments like this in the game so they don’t feel completely useless in a story that is driven almost entirely by the Horde. :hugs:

(Zerde) #16

From the race who leader would be one shotted by Jaina if she so chooses.


Don’t want this little bit of logic to get lost

(Mediarama) #18

If only the Horde had some demigod characters on their side. It always bugs me that most prominent character’s defining combat trait is being physically strong, experienced in combat and/or clever. I feel like Sylvanas is the only one with some powers above that.

(Ariël) #19

Wrong Anya, she´s the prime example on both what happens when a leading writer has unchecked privileges to use her pet characters and the whole HuMaN PoTeNtiAL stuff they almost got away before…

I´ll respectfully disagree, “God Tier” characters on WoW are narrative garbage… I rather like that the few Horde characters we have on the normal side of the power fence also are the best written ones (even Talanji is dangerously close to Anduin cringe levels of writting… Bwomsandi needs to troll her overrated behind more imho)

(Mediarama) #20

That’s fair and I’ll agree. Though I highly doubt Blizzard is ever going to scale back the current Alliance demi-gods, so it just makes me wonder even more how any of the Horde characters can ever hold a candle to them when they’re literally just above-average joes in comparison.

(Ariël) #21

In my world just make them smarter… that works perfectly.

(Anyaceltica) #22

Because the Alliance demi-gods are idiots. Between that and plot McGruffins, that’s the only way the Horde can survive.

(Yvenathilm) #23

Tyrande received Zero Damage just like Jaina’s Elemental… The Tyrande fight with Nathanos was even shorter than Jaina’s phase 1! Of course Jaina’s Elemental was more willing to freeze it’s target in place than Tyrande(it’s a Glacial Elemental so freezing people is in it’s nature).

(Julia) #24

So what where Nathanos and Talanji’s health levels at? Did the water elemental do anything to them or was it just a silly slap fight?


He is converting people for the light currently. Nex step for blizzard in convert, the next time we see Thrall he will be learning void magic from Alleria

(Belandas) #26

Are you sure? The Horde scenario actually has Tyrande receiving considerable damage.

(Vespero) #27

Everything has been crap since Thrall left.

He left us so he could basically become the non-partisan protagonist of the entire game, which he promptly stopped being the expansion after he quit…

Why isn’t Thrall, like, made of obsidian and working for the planet? Why do I gotta work for this crusty dwarf!