The High Elf Love Thread 🥰




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Uhm, where is this implied?


in game, with warfronts and the alliance assault on zuldazar leading into the battle of dazaralor raid where they field much more then a ‘crack sqaud’. the elf npcs speaking with void elves in SW and the rift and an interview the senior narrative designer gave about void elves

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You need to be more specific than that and post this interview.


ive linked it so many times its hard to believe you havent seen it

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I haven’t at all.


They went through a special circumstance as a small group of outcasts. Where is it shown that they have found a way to replicate their transformation? I am betting it’s where they came from, nowhere.

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I checked the wiki to see if there was any hints or info about it but all it told me is that they were looking into seeing if they could, not that they could.


I am sure if the five of them put their heads together they can think of something. Unless their tentacles get grabby, then they’ll just get stuck.

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Mmm tentacle po-

Wait that’s not PG.

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I kind of agree. The existence of Void Elves are a bigger problem for High Elves than the Blood Elves are. Would blizz give the Alliance two versions of a core Horde race? Probably not. As much as I’ve talked about people placing self imposed restrictions on themselves as to what an allied race can be, this is one that I see Blizz believing in

Which is partially why I support Half Elves

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Yeah, Half Elves that continue the High Elf story on the Alliance would be good new avenue to address. And the whole “there’s only 3 half elfs ever shown” is slapped away because of Void Elves and because Blizzard hasn’t had a solid reason for a brand new model to make enmasse.


Don’t get banned, I’d be sad and bored.

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As far as Void Elves creating more of themselves go, it’s somewhat implied in game and outside of it by the devs. I highly doubt we’ll ever hear more about it though, the implication is probably more than enough for Blizz

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I’ve been moderated for less silly things. Like calling myself stupid on a very obvious alt.


Sounds pretty dumb if you ask me. Almost as dumb as those Stormwind guards, I hate those guys.


I believe in Human Potential at least.


I would accept just half elves if they were done right. I’d prefer them to lean more towards the elven side, not that humans are bad. Ears just a bit shorter, different stances, maybe a slimmer build than the humans but still similar and make them a bit taller or something.


As long as they don’t stray near that god awful Kalecgos model…


Agreed. That’d be a deal breaker for me and I don’t even play guy characters.