The Great Draenei Thread!

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The Draecember post has been made, if you look for it over on the twitter/tumblr pages. This year’s prompts are… well… I’m personally going to have a tough time writing them.

Anyone interested in 31 days of draenei, you should look into it.

Oh, one of the prompts is Tattoo. I’ve already drawn a tattooed Yrel once, maybe I can do it again.


And all draenei friends.

So I recently read this take on the events of the Mag’har recruitment.

Now I haven’t really played the mag’har scenario because I don’t have a high enough level horde, let alone one with the rep. Heck I don’t even have an active account, so all I did was watch the YT vid where they skimmed through it, of course I could not really see all the details mentioned on these posts. However this analysis of the events presented seems to go against the initial idea of evil draenei that the community had when it was released.

The user here seems to have a lot of knowledge of these events so this would actually change the perception on the draenei and the events making things less black and white.

You can find the whole thread and discussion here

I wonder what do you guys think about it?


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I went into the scenario with the intent of talking to every npc and reading all quest text and reading all dialogue said radiantly as you walk by.

I did this because I wanted to know just how bad blizzard was urinating on the Light and the Draenei. What I found was that the orcs were clearly the tyrannical bad guys in that scenario and the Draenei seemed like weak hippies rather than the supposed tyrants the community claimed they were.

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Interesting, sounds like more washing up of the Horde sins to make them pass out as good. I guess all we can do is to wait for the continuation of this story if there’s any, although I don’t have much hopes for it.

Not only are you guys the best but you also have nice awesome crystal tech. Like Flying Ships, Floating Crystals, Crystal Buildings, and other awesome things like Elekks, Armored Alien Deers, Mana Rays, and etc.

Also Draenei Women are extra thicc. XD

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I assume it is the iron horde side of the draenei story cut out from the second half of wod that never made it to live.

Daily reminder that orcs and draenei can breed :wink:

Just because they can does not mean they should.

Yes, we’re the best /hairflip

Guess that makes sense, it’s just reusing stuff. Not that the mag’har weren’t the laziest addition anyway.

Lore misconception , the only reason they procreated was because Gul’dan used dark magic on the conception.

The draenei (army of light) are literally running a campaign much like the legion in the AU. They literally wipe out all of draenor that doesn’t convert. Needless to say that AU draenor is now AU outland. Not sure how you could even think that.

Bow before the light cockroach!


This is my kink.

The orcs needed to be killed to prevent their pollution from further killing the planet. That they care enough to let some orcs redeem themselves instead of just killing them all is an absurd thing to be angry over.

you also forget, the draenei army only attacks the orcs because you help genderbent thrall kill not only a lightforged ambassador, but also because you killed a unit of the draenei military sent after you killed the lightbound ambassador.

Draenei allied race is lazy and pathetic

They were already at war, and the mag’har were losing dearly due to being outnumbered severely. Nothing you did caused that, nor could you change what was going to happen. You’re acting as if we caused the war lol. There isn’t anything that hints that the way that draenor looks is caused by pollution, if anything it is indicative of the planet dying due to so much war and being out of wack due to the imbalance of overbearing light.

High Exarch Yrel yells: Your people are choking the life from this world… dooming the land to desiccation.

Grommash Hellscream yells: How can you be so blind, Yrel? It is the Light that has doomed this world!

Seeing as the draenei and army of light are the ones that started the war, due to their obsession with light. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they are killing draenor as well.

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I wrote a big thing but it basically boiled down to “Yeah, the points are good. The writing tells us half the story. If you dig deeper you see the orcs aren’t revealing what started the problems. Only their perception of ‘why would anyone give up our culture? We’re perfect!’ and a whole lot of “My son would never convert because he’s a good kid. It must be his friends forcing him!””

Personally, I’ve always felt there was more to it than the orcs were telling. There had to be a reason for Yrel to do what she did, because we spent 2 years basically grooming her into a kind and gentle person who wanted what was best for everyone; even if that everyone was part of the group who enslaved her, murdered her sister, and had her mentor and love interest killed.

So yeah, I agree. We see it from the orc perspective, and everything is skewed by that lens. Not to say they’re wrong, because we simply can’t know without getting an Alliance counterpart scenario… But our parity for it, the Dark Iron scenario is just… a repair job. Horde get to make the naaru out to be evil, despite 12 years of lore saying otherwise, while Alliance go and fix a cracked anvil.

You’re not wrong, but as said… Without seeing things from the draenei’s perspective we just have the Mag’har… who were pretty specifically written to look both badass (flavor text) and the victim (quest chain overall) which really doesn’t mix well because the two are almost opposites. Either they obliterated everything else and some realized the error of their ways… or the draenei are genocidal maniacs hellbent on converting everyone and killing those who refuse.

But… No sane draenei would ever do that. The deeper we dig, the more we find out there’s something going on and we don’t get the full picture. Still, I’d go full on LUX VULT if Yrel came to the main universe. I’d fight beside her come Hell of high water.

A lot of the Mag’har scenario is designed to make them look like the victims despite all the evil, horrifying things they’ve done. Maybe if we’d gotten that Shattrath raid and whatever “Yrel’s dark secret” was instead of having WoD become Orcs of Orccraft: Orclords of Orcnor things might’ve gone differently.

But who would want to ever breed with an orc? Gross. Ew. Just. Ew.