The Graphics War

lol at “a toggle”. Do you really think that’s all it takes ?

NE’s couldn’t “toggle” since Legion because the 2 could not co-exist anymore.


There is no war. Why would models from a different game be shoved into Classic? There is no logical basis for that.

Play BfA for BfA models. Play Classic for Classic models. Just like any other of the games’ features.


Everyone has a slightly different reason why.

My personal opinion is that since they don’t like players modding the engine themselves, if they add a toggle or other graphic option they wouldn’t be able to track if someone is abusing the system by using their own graphics.

I understand that there are people who prefer the older models vs the new ones used in BfA…but suggesting that people who prefer the new models go play BfA instead isn’t completely fair. They aren’t the same game.

People play Classic WoW vs BfA first & foremost because the game play is so different than what the current version of the game offers.

Just because I prefer the new model of my void walker vs the old one doesn’t mean I wan’t to be able to AOE steamroll dungeons and farm world quests all day.

If there is a technical reason why it can’t happen…so be it. Suggesting though, that people who love Classic WOW game play go play BfA because they prefer the models seems silly.


From what I’ve heard, the new models actually do affect gameplay somewhat. If that’s true, there ya go.

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As I’ve said before, I am fine with a toggle option as long as the work required to make it happen does not delay, hamper or hinder the release in any way. If that means you have to wait until some time after the release for a non-classic feature to be added, so be it.

Opinion time! I freaking loathe the new models and animations, I logged in for the first time in years just recently and the whole aesthetic felt so wrong, so awful, so… not-World of Warcraft. I love the old models and animations because that’s what I had for the entirety of my time playing the game (release -> Firelands in Cataclysm).

I get that some people hate the old models as much as I hate the new ones, and I want people to enjoy Classic just as much as I am going to - so I am okay with the idea of a toggle, again, on the following grounds:

  • I never want to see the new models

  • It must only exist as an option

  • It can’t delay the release of the game or any Classic content/phases

As long as that criteria is met, it’s all good.


How so? Hit box sizes?

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Wow. I also quit WoW for the first time ever in Firelands patch.

There was a lot more to it then just slapping a new face on the toon.

Character skeletons changed, animations changed and gear had to change to fit on the new models.

If it were that easy to maintain both the old and new then retail would have it today.


I think so…? I feel like I remember the people who explained it to me mention something about hit-boxes, yeah.

Classic is classic.

“Just a toggle” and “it doesn’t negatively impact others” makes no sense, when the entire goal is providing an authentic experience. Not a “WoW - Burger King Edition, have it your way!”.

Classic should be classic, and luckily will stay classic per Blizzard’s entire stated goal for classic to be authentic.

Source: World of Warcraft Official Website
Date: November 3rd, 2018
Article Name: Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic Panel Recap

In restoring World of Warcraft Classic, our guiding principle has been to provide an authentic experience. Things might run a bit smoother and the hardware is better, but the game should still look and feel like you’re playing World of Warcraft from 2006. Things like combat equations, original models, and hunter skills are certainly part of that—but things like social dynamics are a part of that too.

Guess you’ll have to deal with it and have classic be classic. Don’t want classic graphics? Don’t play classic.


Original Vanilla player here, and yeah, I hate the old graphics too. But… I would rather they stick with the old, than have them make an exception here. One exception leads to more, and before you know it, transmog is in the game. So, I will deal, and re-live the early 2000’s.


People who are #nochangers are stupid and deaf to logic.
I know cause I argued a LOT with them in my and other thread which are the same theme as yours: about graphic toggle.
Most logical people are people like you, who see both sides and understand where they are coming from.
My personal view. I was always a sucker for graphics, new textures, better animations, better mesh and VFX, soI want all that superb artist did in retail to be able to use in Classic (well not all new graphics are better, I don’t like a bit there and here how it came out, but overall I’m for it against old outdated graphics of vanilla). Cause I care about gameplay. But I do care about visuals as well but less.
This means that I will ask over and over about this toggle, but if blizzards will shut me up with “we can’t we won’t” I will shut up. Cause I understand that this isn’t my game where I making the rules. They didn’t do so though.
And when they will say so (if) I will play outdated graphics as all other people. Cause again, I care about gameplay a little bit more than I care about graphics. But new graphics will just raise my interest in vanilla by 35%. Which is enough for me to create a “whiny” thread how people called it and defend my arguments there. Explaining people who interested in my opinion why there should be a toggle, and refute nonsense absurde of other people who just randomly type #nochange or “muh vanilla, that wasn’t there”. which aren’t real arguments.

I, for one, couldn’t care less if there was a toggle or not. I will be using as much of the old graphics as possible, but understand the want for the new.

That said, it would most likely delay the game, so no thanks.

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And in retail just the opposite happened.
When they removed the old graphics for good the forums were full of “gimme a toggle” Started in Legion when they removed the old NE models.

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Omg lol another one of these posts.
Its NEVER going to happen so no point in discussing it haha.


Dont quote me but I believe there is a lot more that goes into giving a character a new model. Skeleton creations and stuff like that. Im no expert in the field but anyways new models shouldn’t be in classic. Like many have said go play retail if you want shiny disney like models. Classic doesnt need to cater to a demand like a toggle for updated models, waste of resources…that effort is better spent getting classic right.

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Only way I’d be okay with it is if we wouldn’t have to see the horrible new character animations. Even then I’m still largely against it.

I can imagine one of the reasons being a 1:1 parallel between assets isn’t available. A lot of the new high res models aren’t just reskins, but entirely new models. Stormwind, too, for instance, was like a movie set - with 2d walls. Using new building models would mean rebuilding the city by hand.

Same deal with the trees; their shapes are pretty crude models in classic, and in the retail client they tightened things up; it’s less chunky. This ties into the way we used to do wall climbing and such, so it just wouldn’t work.

If you’re just talking about the character models, however, idk on that. Probably easiest to just keep it strictly classic.

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I mean, so are you so that kinda ruins your argument up front.