The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Opening in WoW Classic

Nice , this is going to be AWSOME. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

You realize that streamers such as Asmongold and Esfran will literally have the Black Qiraji mount handed to them on a silver platter, right? There will be no competition, it will be their fan base of thousands spoonfeeding them everything needed for it.

You know what I really wish they’d do? Activate the war effort and allow folks to start the Scarab Lord grind, but give a specific date for the ability to ring the gong - like 6 or 8 weeks after the war effort starts. That way, all the guilds that want server/world/whatever firsts in terms of competition can all start essentially at the same time (rather than be gated on the type of server or participation level of others). Everyone has access to the raid content at the same time, while still allowing folks to participate in the pre-raid stuff as well.

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What time does phase 5 start and loot tables update?

I see date, but not time.

LOL reading through these comments…

Blizzard has the whiniest fans of all time.

I feel bad for the dev team and community managers who are pulling their hair out trying to make everyone happy.

You people are worse than political trolls in the CNN and Fox News Facebook comments.

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Yes, 28th is a Tuesday. So the next day is Wednesday, and it’ll be 29th. And raids always reset on Wednesdays. And the United States have their own private server, they don’t belong to the official wow-europe.

These are the US forums, the raids reset on Tuesday. The content unlocks on the 29th for EU.

  1. When everyone is like a god, no one is like a god. The scarab lord is meant to be rare; going out of your way to extend an event so you can have something that only benefits you and doesnt do anything for the server as a whole is against the spirit of classic. Stop being greedy; people want / need gear not a vanity item.

  2. (Your post is 23 days old so it may have been answered or you may have already seen) Blizz locks you out of Receiving any of the quest rewards for 90 days to avoid this happening. If you want scarab lord on that server hope it takes them longer than 3 months to open themselves or just power a toon up to 60.

I played on a “high population” server in vanilla and got to pitch in with the weeks-long war effort back then, even though I was too noob to understand what it was for at the time.

If no changes are made to the materials or quantities needed for the war effort turn-ins in Classic, my server will probably have completed the collection requirements on the first day before I’m off work. Bummer.

First, what do you mean “spirit of Classic?” People play the game differently than you. Some people are collectors. Second, they’re not suggesting they just hand out the mount. They just wants more time to complete the event, and they’re not the only one. Other people want the mount too. The raid will always be there. The mount won’t be.

Personally, I think a mount this hard to get, and that requires an entire guild to help just you, shouldn’t be removed at all. That would be like removing the Time-Lost Proto Drake in Cata, or removing the Soundless mount in Shadowlands.

Number 1 Reason Classic was requested was retail was broken and achievements were not achievements. Leveling a character took 1 day or $60; and rare items are farmable to a point of just being RNG with no skill or work required to gain the item (Barring certain things like puzzle mounts and other things like that) - Therefore saying youre going to make sure everyone gets the mount before you allow anyone else to progress on the raid is against the spirit of things being hard to achieve and rare because of that fact.

There are more people who care about doing the raid than getting a mount that HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED TO STAY WITH YOU; if youre one of the VERY few people who will stay on classic servers and not go to TBC if they go that route sure. Im here to see content i missed out on, not collect things. Just because you dont get the mount doesnt mean youre not part of the quest. Thats my point; Its not good enough to be part of a server event they want the participation ribbon aswell otherwise theyre gonna xfer off server as they said.

and blizzard compensated for that, If you transfer you dont get the Scepter quest rewards for 90 days; because thats taking it away from someone who has been supporting that server from the start because another thing in the spirit of classic is server identity. On retail you dont see ANYONE from your server walking around on average its just a sea of BobSargeras, JoeBigglesworth, etc.

I also never said remove it. idk where youre getting that from???

First, I don’t know where you got that specific reason for why Classic was requested. People like different things about the game. Second, being locked out of a raid for a few more weeks is nothing compared to losing a mount forever for those who care about it. Please try to empathize with collectors. Third, the questline will always be “hard” regardless of when you do it, and the mount will always be “rare.” Fourth, a mount that requires an extremely difficult questline is way more than just a “participation ribbon.” Fifth, I’m not worried about whether it will stay on TBC servers at all, and I don’t even know If they’ll ever make any.

Lastly, it gets removed because it’s no longer available 10 hours after the first person on the server gets the mount. I was just saying that I don’t agree with that. Extending the time of the event is a step in the right direction. I’m on one of the deadest servers, Thalnos, so I’ll probably have plenty of time, but not everyone who wants the mount will.

I am a collector on retail; i rival asmongold for mounts achieved i also have the 4% achieved emerald drake mount i understand but as a collector i also understand rarity. If you make 200 copies of A Charizard card its no longer rare. If everyone and their cousin got the emerald drake i wouldnt use it anymore because i no longer have pride in my collection having one of the rarest items in game in it.

also; i didnt think about it that way you are correct on that. It does have a 10 hour availability after the first hand in so yea i guess it would be “Removed” persay.

You’re right about rarity, and I mostly agree with what you said. The Emerald Drake has been in the game for 6 years though and is way easier to get than the Black Qiraji Battle Tank, and yet it’s still rare. I’m saying if the mount is still available after the 10 hours, it’ll still be pretty rare. It still would take a lot of effort.

The other point of what I’m saying is that it’s ok if the event gets extended so people have more time to get the mount, since it’s going away forever.

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This. All of This.

the problem being there are some servers that have had a coalition going stockpiling all the resources for both factions since the start of phase one.

PVP servers mind you.

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instead of a limited event make it an attunement you do it once per toon and bamm you get the mount and title on that alt only

after all classic is going to “run forever” so why shouldnt those new to the zone have to miss out on the biggest incentive to come there in the first place knowing the aforementioned groups will ensure they get the item for their own bragging rights

let the event be doable for anyone that has hit 60 and done all the other prereqs and earn the mount etc

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… couldnt be bothered? you have had 11 months… thats 1 level every 5 days… 1 level every 4 days still gives you time for 60 zg runs for gear… what a silly post :stuck_out_tongue:

No you won’t there is already tons of blue posts saying if you transfer you will not be able to bang the gong or any of that related stuff for 90 days.