The future of the "of Lordaeron" title

First of all I think it’s a massive bummer that this title isn’t account wide. But so be it. I’ll power through the questline on as many undead characters as I can. But what about future undead characters? Presumably this questline isn’t going to be around forever.


I’m not so sure that this one will be going away. I don’t see why it would. This wasn’t a prelaunch quest, this was a main story quest, as far as I know.


It just seems like a very temporary phase. Since presumably in the next expansion brill will be rebuilt and their new forsaken city will be established.

This. Its a main sorry quest, be it one of the very last

Its just like the one you got for doing tje questline where surfang and syl fight at the end of bfa

It’s not going away. Blizzard would make a lot of people mad making the dark ranger customization and title be limited time only.

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Thats why we have phased content as you progress through the story. I dont think this will be an issue.

Me either this isn’t going away blizzard out customization in the game it’s here to stay. Alternatively just make it unlockable. through chromie time

Do you have to do the quest on every character you want the customization or once you done?

Just one character to unlock the customisation across your account. But not the title. That is just on the character who does it.

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I’m also not pleased with the results. The title needs to be account-wide, like similar other titles in the past.

I hope someone from the CC addresses this in their feedback topic.

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Yeah but the people who play aren’t the same as the people who make the decisions because the blob needs another new yacht because last year’s edition just ain’t cutting it with his fellow fat friends and bragging rights or something we working class common folk will never understand about the ‘ruling/upper’ class.

Yeah, I’m getting tired of the BS

First, it should be account wide, secondly, I highly doubt this quest line is going away because if Blizz made the Dark Ranger skin a limited time thing, the uproar would be so massive.

On a similar note, the Blood Elf quest line is weird since you have to be a Blood Elf, which is fine, but I have seen several ask why exalted is required if you have to be a Blood Elf anyways. They feel like that is like requiring all races to be exalted with their own capital city to buy their own racial mounts. Just seems like a weird little arbitrary requirement for the sake of making another grind for people that just want a cool mount and xmog pieces.

I’ll be honest the customisations didn’t even cross my mind when I made this thread. You’re both completely right, that surely won’t be going away. I mean it is still possible that they just make it available in some other way. But it does more likely suggest that they would just leave the questline in place. So that’s good. I feel reassured.

Just one character. And if you do it on a Hunter, you don’t have to repeat the quest to unlock the Dark Ranger transmog set. Sadly though, you do have to repeat the quest for the title on other toons if you so wish for the title on other toons.