The Forbidden Rising is recruiting!

LFM all type of players. whether you pvp, raid, delve into dungeons or just looking for something social this may be the guild for you.

LFM of everything :slight_smile:

The Forbidden Rising, Where our GM will willingly sacrifice us all for the greater good of the raid. She especially enjoys the willingness of our shaman’s to
be our fodder :wink: Send us a whisper to learn more!

LF 1000 year old troll toe nail, baby tauren hoof, and 2 nightborne ears…

LFM active members/raiders :stuck_out_tongue:

LFM Members/raiders/casuals/sacrifices whisper us for more info!

8/8H! LFM to come kill it all over again with us!

Looking for more people to do stuff and things with raid wise!

LFM active players who enjoy to kill things and get shinnies from the corpses of our fallen enemies! Looking at you raiders!!! :eyes:

We’re still looking for more bodies to hit the floor!

Do you get picked on? made fun of? well in this guild you don’t to worry about that. All that stuff is done to me! So join in on the #blameEjayz Train! LF Tanks as well as others to help keep our roster set!

Come join the #blameEjayz train because it will never be your fault!

LFM in need of some tanky friends and any dps that wants to come play with us :smiley:

Bad at mechanics? die a lot to silly things? have no fear your friendly neighborhood shaman scapegoat is here! #BlameEjayz is the problem solver you need in your raid comp! Come join the trend that is taking WoW by storm!

Open to casuals and active players. :slight_smile:

Looking for a new home? Well come on in and enjoy the madness! Looking for casuals and hardcores alike!

LFM range pew pews for our raid team, casuals welcome

This is the story of a guild, who wanted locks for the raid and while they took all range that they could get, They would absolutely love some Crack rocks!

LFM Ranged for raids and if your a lock even better!

LF range dps (need them locks please!) and people to kill a certain shaman for me :smiley: !!!

Looking for more caster DPS to help kill the Shamans on Il’gynoth! Locks especially =p

Just transferred to this realm and faction and I am looking for a group of active non elitist social people to play with, I am not a big raider due to bad experiences but I always give it my all if your still looking for members!

Hey Valathor, sorry about the late reply. We are always looking for people. Social or raiders or even M+ runners. :slight_smile: just add me or one of the other officers so we can chat if you are still looking for a home! (btags are in the original post)