The Forbidden Rising is recruiting! (4/12M, 12/12H)

The Forbidden Rising is looking to expand its ranks.

Most of us have been playing together on WoW for over 12 years. We transferred from a nearly dead server to Hyjal in hopes of meeting new people with similar interests. We are a social, easy going and fun loving guild with a little touch of crazy looking for more active players who enjoy running dungeons, mythics+ , old raids and we also dabble in some pvp on Monday nights etc. We like to keep our guild drama free but alas you cannot get rid of it all, however we deal with it asap.

We have a casual/fun raid night on Wednesday 6-9 pm (pst), which we use to clear heroic bosses, do achievements for current raid, gearing etc

Our progression raid days are Friday/Saturday 6-9 pm (pst). Currently we are 12/12N, 12/12H and 4/12M. We do not discriminate on content cleared and let your actions speak for you.

For our raid, we are looking for individuals who are willing to do their best and improve with us.

All others casual players and non raiders are welcome, including alts and low levels.

Add Hera#1937 (GM)
Azra#1919 (guild officer)
Kieran676#1960 (guild officer)
If you wish to chat!~

Happy gaming!

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LFM caster DPS for our raid team

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LF a couple healers (disc priest, resto sham preferred) and a couple mages for our core! Other caster dps welcome!

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LF a couple healers and some caster dps!

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LF healers and caster dps!

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LFM raiders for our core, heals and dps !

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