The Flames of the Midsummer Fire Festival Burn Bright! June 21–July 5

I got your fire right here :fire:

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Thank you blizzard!

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When I was first getting started in WoW, this was one of my favorite holidays.

But y’all MUST realize how boring it is to see the same thing every year for over a decade with zero changes, sometimes not even a new vendor reward (as with this year, it looks like).

I don’t think holidays need a major update every year. But can you at least put a small team together to work on updating them on a cycle? It doesn’t need to be a total overhaul, I just want to be able to look forward to Holidays again.

This isn’t Overwatch. A Holiday isn’t a game mode in WoW. It’s mostly a novelty thing. Since that’s the case, it needs updates to maintain interest.


Oh this is great! 425 Cloak upgrade will be super helpful for my alts. It’s nice to know that we have these updates available as getting a cloak is super hard.


Holidays really aren’t fun when they haven’t changed in, how long. 10 years now?


Thank you blizzard!

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Nothing new in 2020? :frowning:


2020, the year the world was literally on fire (or at least Australia was). No changes. Seems legit!

I’m Australian and I find this accurate.

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I mean, it’s not like IRL holdiays change every year. You just take a different approach to the same conventions. Do that in-game.


Every Midsummer Fire Festival, I get another Crown of the Fire Festival.

I now have 13 of them in Void Storage.

Wonder if anyone else has done this, or if I’m the world leader in Crowns of the Fire Festival.


IRL holidays are based on significant events or people (some being religious, others not) and are about recognizing said events and people.

Game Holidays can be that in the lore, but should be fun events on top of that, otherwise there’s no point in them existing in the context of a video game. Doing the same mundane thing to collect the same mundane currency to maybe maybe not have access to a single new toy or something isn’t particularly fun to me.

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Not sure where to post this, but the on the Blizzard App, the preview text to this article reads:

Through July 5th, the hottest event of the year is back with bonfires and rewards to keep you warm in your campaign against the Legion.

I feel like the text mentioning the Legion should be changed to represent our current enemies, such as:

Through July 5th, the hottest event of the year is back with bonfires and rewards to keep you warm in your campaign against the forces of N’Zoth!

Not a big deal, just thought it makes an event that has a reputation for feeling out-dated feel even more out-dated.

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I got your fire right here. Thanks blizzard!

Please remove the 30 instance a day cap in Classic WoW Thank you!

No New Changes for 2020

Seems about right, same Cloaks just upped the Item level to 425 just vendor gold for most of the players who have done the event sadly. For all the people who have there Legendary Cloak as you get the quest basically when you hit 120 and that cloak is Item Level 500. The rewards for all the holidays really should be Re-Evaluated for next Year with a New Expansion and Developers should take into account if Legendary Armor/Weapons are basically given to players for a particular slot.

Sorry. No changes this year. It’s still a great opportunity for people to get items they haven’t before during the holiday, or just enjoy the quests for the fun of it.

i mean wow will never die so if they add 1 new toy per event per year new ppl will be far behind having to collect 1k new toys by 3020 plus i doubt theyd be able to get eough tokens to buy every reward but updated holiday dungeons for all holidays would be neat… imagine the chaos

i don’t even know how to respond to this. This isn’t RL. The holidays in WoW require a bunch of time/effort. It’s not you sitting around eating chocolate on Easter or stuffing your face and watching football for Thanksgiving. Do you get the same exact Christmas gifts for a decade?? Holidays in-game are beyond stale. They need updating. 10 or more years is just a little damn much for a game we pay to play - Blizz doesn’t need any white knights - they need to put a few people on revamping recurring content so that it isn’t largely skipped over by the masses.

yes they can keep it the same they could make new transmog items keep the old ones as well. Add new things. They did add some new stuff like dungeon it gives gear , the toys. They been working on shadow lands this going to be even greater.